It’s the oldest story in the book, people assume that sorority girls are all the same; out for parties and guys and being friends with a hundred random girls that they call sisters. But that’s the stereotype. The thing that everyone calls us out for, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I was the same way, as skeptical as someone could be about joining Greek life. But as cliché as it may seem, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

We’re more than stuck up, we’re more than ditzy, we’re more than your typical party girl, or whatever else your simplistic mind believes. We’re loyal friends, big hearted philanthropists, and devoted leaders. We believe so strongly in something and in each other.

A sorority is one of the greatest things you could be a part of. You’re constantly surrounded by people who encourage you to be the best version of yourself and make you strive for success, not just within a chapter, but in life. You gain sisters, but chose to gain best friends in the process. You learn so much about people and how to get along with others different from yourself.

We joined because we wanted to make a difference, we wanted to be around people with the same standards and morals as us, we wanted to be a part of something bigger than the individuals. That’s why we wear our letters proudly and stand tall against all of the criticism. We’ve all experienced it from family, friends, and strangers.

We’re often overlooked, but we do try to make a difference. The events we attend may be fun, but they’re also raising money and awareness for real world problems. It takes months to host an event and it brings so much happiness when our visions come to life. It teaches us to take initiative and be a leader within a community.

But more than anything with Greek life you gain best friends for life. You constantly have a shoulder to cry on, a sister to vent with, a group to laugh with, and a bunch of closets to raid when you have nothing to wear. We love what we’re part of and wouldn’t trade the people we meet for the world. So next time you want to judge a sorority girl, ask yourself why you would want to ruin someone else’s happiness.

Special shout out to my Alpha Xi’s, I couldn't live without you girls! XOXI