Thoughts Every College Student Has At Least Once

Yep, College Really Do Be Like That

Twenty-five of the lesser-known college facts every first-year experiences.

Graduating high school and starting college was one of the best experiences of my life. The first semester was new and exciting, and even a little bit scary. I kind of knew what to expect because I had siblings who attended university, but their stories never prepared me for what it would actually be like. To dramatically describe it, college was the dawn of a new era. It came with the promise of new friendships, experiences, responsibilities, and academics. I could finally schedule classes that interested me and fit into my sleep schedule (you'll never see ME at a 9AM), and with the wide variety of clubs offered, it was easy to find one that I enjoyed. The first semester of college is full of surprises, here are a few spoilers.

1) "Hi, my name is..." x100000

2) Didn't I JUST do laundry?

3) Why do professors assign everything due at once?

4) If there's free food, I'm there!

person holding hamburger on plate

5) I'm lost.

6) *Bribes favors from friends with meal plan*

7) Do I REALLY have time to look nice today?

8) Leggings are the new jeans.

9) I'm trying my best.

10) Why is it that sometimes I feel so lonely and homesick when I'm surrounded by so many people?

11) I know I need to workout, but...

12) How much do I really need to study?

13) Finals are going to be the death of me.

14) Hey, sleep! Haven't seen you in awhile.

15) Why are there SO MANY writing formats? APA, MLA, IDK... NBA?

16) What were the readings about? I didn't do it...

17) I haven't driven a car in 4 months.

18) I want that free t-shirt.

19) I was going to go out, but Netflix.

Silver Macbook on White Surface

20) What is this new thing called adulting?

21) I signed up for 20 clubs in the beginning of the year, but now I only go to 2.

22) Why did I buy this textbook if we don't even need it?

23) I can't afford anything...

24) Did I really just lose my voice from cheering at a sporting event?

25) Damn, I'm lucky to be here.

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