Poetry On Odyssey: A Collection Of Unpublished Poems: Part Two

I am definitely not a distinguished poet but sometimes poetry is my an outlet where I feel limitless in order to express myself. I've written some poems before and shared on Odyssey. There is a quote from Robert Frost that reads: "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and its thought has found words," and I've never thought of poetry that way but here are some of my poems that have basically written themselves.

the doom and gloom of the booming skies never seem to end

the rain violently falling against the window dancing to the tune of thunder

but storms never last, for we have the strength to weather though

so easy it could be to fall victim to the temptation of the darkness

but i will see a better day where sun fills the room and warms my soul

- hopeful

I love with a love that is much more complex for some to understand

I feel too deeply

all too much

and all at once.

the love of a mother

is one unlike any other

to love unconditionally

is just a little crazy

but that's her job

however could she stop?

The following poem I wrote daydreaming about my future full of fur children:

the soft pitter patter
of little paws

the joyous laughter
just for Santy Claus

little squeals across the room
looks like Christmas won’t be our doom

your eyes lock with mine
I can’t believe after all this time

I get to seek refuge in your arms

in the past I've been wronged
making me wary of most
are their intentions true?
do they really like me too?
but with you, it's totally new

as sweet as you are
there is a sting.
with you around,
i have no fears
and suddenly i find a home

in green eyes that bring me peace
my worries are the least
I know that you care

I should not dare
continue my worries
so then, they shall be buried

for the past year
it'd only been me
my heart was lost
and all my fears
messed with me
but at what cost?

- lost

and for months I'd been searching

never knowing what I'd find

suddenly there was you

and it never occurred to me

I could find rest in another

- found

When I think I miss you
I remind myself that you did not treat me the way I deserve
I deserve healthy friendships and relationships
And I was always second choice to you.

The stars shine for you, my dear

Aim for the moon and you will be home.

The universe is yours and never have I seen a glow like yours

You are a child of the night sky

When the sun rises again, you will sleep

But for now, we will illuminate what is darkness without you.

cut out the toxic people that are present in your life
you cannot grow if someone continues to poison your water
you are but a flower in this cruel world and there are enough weeds
that suck the life out of you

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