I think we tend to forget that celebrities are people too, and even though they are on TV, or releasing albums, they have true emotions. Many celebrities have become very open about their battles with mental illness, most recently Pete Davidson. Though many fans and friends close to him sent him words of love and respect, and made sure he was okay.

However, I can't help to think that some of the fans that sent him kind words, are the ones that made him feel that way in the first place. It is very easy to hide behind a screen, and even easier to send a rude message to a celeb because you don't think you matter to them, or they probably won't even see it in the first place. For instance, Pete Davidson, has experienced a lot of backlash from Ariana Grande's fans following their break up, and even Ariana had to speak up, and tell her fans to be gentle. As someone in the spotlight herself, Ariana is probably able to put herself in Pete's shoes and knows the affect words like that can have on an individual.

However, it is a lot harder for someone who is not a celebrity to view a celebrity as having the same emotions and reactions as you. Even though these individuals may not know you personally, they are reading these messages and it can have a huge affect on their self esteem and mental well being!

The only job of celebrity is to make their fans happy, rather that be by making music or being funny. And when they are putting all their hard work into that only to be met by horrible messages - nothing they do seems worth it anymore.

Even as a student I've experienced this. How do you feel when you put in hours of work and long nights at the library for exams, only to get a horrible grade. Don't you feel like just dropping out when that happens? Well, that's probably the same way these celebrities feel when they are faced by horrible comments from social media.

Next time you think about sending a mean tweet to a celeb, thinking they won't even bother reading it, remember these are people just like us, and by chance they may read your message, so make it a positive one.