An Unopened Letter To My Ex-Bestfriend

To the Friend I left behind,

I am not sorry for how things ended.

I do not care how that sounds. I am glad about finally being able to move on with my life and know that it is okay to actually care about myself for once than having to deal with what you put me and my friends through on a daily basis.

When we first met I thought that this friendship was going to be filled with many adventures and be one of the greatest relationships of my life. But I was dead wrong. The entire time that I thought you were there for me you really wanted to make yourself feel better by making myself feel worse. I felt like I could come to you for anything and you treated me less than human. I am glad that I was trash in your eyes when I thought you had my back.

I supported you in the times you needed me. But you could not even "stoop" that low for a civilian like me. I know your life was hard but you had no room to judge because apparently you did not even know me. "Tired" was supposed to not be in my vocabulary because I did not understand what it really meant to be "exhausted". I had no room to complain because I did not know how to manage stress, when your daily life of sitting around watching your friends playing video games was too much for you to handle. The ignorance you had for other people was outstanding. I felt like I was back in the 1700s with the disregard for other people.

When I think back on it, I do not know how I did not see how you treated me before. When I tried so hard to salvage what we had you just made it worse. I felt like I was the horrible friend because I was never good enough.

You and your god complex destroyed everything in its path.

I tell everyone that I have lost 180 pounds because I dropped your dead weight. I feel lighter than air, I feel like I can breathe and it makes me so happy to know that I was not the bad person. Stress has been a constant in my life because of you, now that you are finally gone I do not have to worry as much about what I do. I am not constantly judged for my life decisions. I am not judged for being who I am. I can live in peace again.

Because of you I know what a real friend is like, not ignorant. Not condescending. Not ungrateful. Not stressful. Not dehumanizing.

A friend is supportive. Loving. Loyal. Always there for you no matter what.

No matter how you may view yourself, behind all of the excuses and lies, you will never be a true friend to anyone. Not even yourself.

Never again will I have someone treat me the way you treated me.


The Friend Who Moved On

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