America Would Lose in a Ground War with North Korea.

North Korea is so characterized by its archaic technology that when facing against America, they are expected to lose immediately. Indeed, all of their technology is from the 1950's Soviet era. Meanwhile, America's technology is up to date. By that logic, America would not even defeat North Korea. They would flat out pulverize North Korea. Though, even with the most advanced technology, there would still be some difficulties on the path to victory or perhaps, there would be no path of victory at all.

First off, let’s look through the difficulties of America’s assumed path to victory. America has: “8,000 nuclear warheads in reserve, 13,900 aircraft, 920 attack helicopters and 72 submarines, and along with 800 overseas military bases in 70 countries scattered across strategic areas throughout the world.” As you can see, America has A LOT. Thus, they could implement all of their capabilities in defeating North Korea. However, America isn't so strong in field artillery, with the number of artillery pieces being 1,299. North Korea, however, has approximately 4,300 artillery pieces. Solenberger states that North Korea has about "a vast amount of conventional artillery trained this moment on Seoul, and that firepower is capable of killing up to hundreds of thousands of civilians in the South Korean capital." By emphasizing on its ability to ram Seoul through their field artillery, Sollenberger makes it seem that North Korea knows it is going to lose yet is bent on inflicting as much damage as possible to America and its allies. Therefore, even though America would be victorious, they would also be weakened.

However, there is also a possibility that North Koreans' field artillery can make America walk the path of defeat. Retired Lieutenant General, Jan-Marc Jouas, states that America would be outnumbered and undersupplied by the North Korean troops. Now, it might seem weird because the United States has slightly higher troop numbers than North Korea. But, North Korea has 1.2 million troops in the Korean peninsula alone. America has 1.66 million troops dispersed throughout the country and the world. If America needs to gather all of their troops to the Korean peninsula, then they need to do so through the army bases. Similarly, not all of America’s supplies (which consist of advanced technology) is in the Korean peninsula, so they need to go through the army bases as well. North Korea has the geographical advantage because they are nearer to the bases and thus, would destroy every one of them with their artillery fire. When the army bases get destroyed, none of the troops could enter and neither could the supplies.

Even though America has the most supplies that consist of the advanced technology and the most troops, they would lose the war because they couldn’t be able to get those troops and supplies to the Korean peninsula. All because the United States lacked in artillery fire. Nobody, including the military officials, ever consider this. Most importantly, the President doesn’t consider this either. What’s the point of bringing “fire and fury” when North Korea has more “fire and fury” in terms of field artillery? Nevertheless, the United States believed that even if there would be some difficulties along the way, the United States would still win the war. Lieutenant General Jan Marc-Jouas is, indeed, the outcast for saying that America could lose very badly.

But, what Lieutenant General Jouas said could become a reality.

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