Early October, the Obama administration officially acknowledges Russia for interfering with the 2016 Election. They accuse the Russian government of using computer hackers on the National Committee and other political organizations.

The presidential elections are coming near, and media circuits have been more attentive towards Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton.

As they go through various presidential debates seeking voters prior to election, the conflict between two powerful governments will be important in where the course of it will go as the seat for president is in a pending transition. Hopefully, there will be no escalation and sensitivity, politically and publicly.

This investigation and the on-going accusations against Russia is only a prelude for what is to come after the Obama Administration leaves and the next president takes the responsibility and actions to go forth on the cyber-attack. Hilary Clinton stated during the presidential debate in Las Vegas that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies overall blame Russia:

“What is really important about WikiLeaks is that the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans. They have hacked American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions. Then they have given that information to WikiLeaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet. This has come from the highest levels of the Russian government. Clearly from Putin himself in an effort, as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed, to influence our election.” — Hillary Clinton


How did the United States know that Russia is the culprit of tampering with U.S. government information?

According to the Washington Post, the denouncement was made by the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security. Pressure within the administration due to the breach led to the lawmakers from both branches of Democrats and Republicans agreeing on Moscow being the source of the computer hacks.They also believe the Russian government hired hackers to fissure the presidential campaigns.The hacks have appeared on WikiLeaks and DC leaks, sharing private emails, addresses and cellphone numbers of Democratic lawmakers. The U.S. government wants Moscow to be punished for their interference.


Obama referred to senior officials who orchestrated the cyber-attack, vaguely identifying Russian President Vladimir Putin to be the main guy behind the scenes. Since the blame game has started, Putin has denied multiple times that he had any hand in the hacks.

U.S. intelligence has been trying to track and obtain the hackers that have administered the leak of private government information. According to the New York Times, a Russian hacker has been arrested in Czech Republic this last Tuesday. He has been a suspect by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for pursuing targets to the United States.Officials will not give out his name.The capture of this man involved Interpol and the F.B.I. Interpol authorized the arrest warrant needed to arrest him.

As of now, it is uncertain this person is one of the hackers affiliated with the hacking to the DNC. There is also uncertainty regarding if the man will be extradited to the United States government as the man is a Russian citizen detained in Prague.

For other recent news regarding the hacks, an American computer hacker called "The Jester," blemished the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Jester made remarks to Putin and to Russia to basically stop with the hacks and the referral of Putin's so called non-affiliation with cyber-breach.

More will come on this cyber warfare that is increasingly being used in this generation. The U.S. government does not want to carry these high alerts to the public, but this situation between Russia and the U.S. will ascend future agendas between two powerful nations.