5 Unique Photographers Who Have Inspired Me In My Own Work

5 Unique Photographers Who Have Inspired Me In My Own Work

Here's some of my favorite photographers, and why I like their work.


From professional to Instagram, there are so many different photographers out there. I am also working on my photography skills, so I find it inspirational to see all these different photographers using different techniques and styles. While I do follow many more than this, here are a couple of my favorite, who you may or may not know.

Brandon Woelfel.

Brandon Woelfel is a New York-based photographer, who primarily used lights, such as fairy lights, neon light, etc. in his photos. I like that he does this because you don't see many nightlife photographers, especially ones who are really good it at. He also has a YouTube channel, where he gives different tips and tricks on how he's able to get his shots.

Peter McKinnion.

Peter is from Ontario, Canada, and shoots mainly landscape and nature shots. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts a different image, camera, and editing tutorials; as well as vlogs of him and his friends going to take photos. I personally find his photos inspirational, because my favorite photos to take are landscape.

Brendan North.

Brendan is an LA-based photographer, who has an ongoing series called, "The Painted Series," where he shoots in black and white and uses white paint on his models, to talk about various topics. Brendan does portraits and urban/street photography, and also shoots in black and white, and color.


Platon is a portrait film photographer. You may have seen his work in TIME magazine, New York Magazine, Wired, British Vogue, and many more. He's gotten to photograph many different athletes, artist, politicians, etc. He is originally from Greece, worked in England, and now resides in New York. Not many photographers still use film, so it's refreshing to see that he still does. I also like how detailed the photos are, and how you can see the emotion in every person he shoots.

Nathaniel Cutshall.

Nathaniel is a landscape photographer, from Snohomish. He's traveled to many different places, including Oregon and Iceland, and uses many photography techniques, to get that beautifully satisfying shot. He shows off what makes Washington, and every other place he's visited, so amazing.

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Erika Glover

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