11 Unique Father's Day Gifts

Make the father figures in your life feel special this Father's Day by a gift that suits them perfectly. From customized collages to gifts for their favorite hobby, this list has 11 gifts that should make any dad or grandfather smile.

1. Customized reel and viewer 

Share some of your favorite photos in a reel they can keep and view whenever.

2. Baseball bat mug 

Appeal to any baseball fan with a custom mug to the team they love.

3. Bottle cap opener 

Convenient and nice wall art, this bottle opener would look great in any kitchen or bar.

4. Leather tech organizer 

Help them store all their wires neatly with a personalized leather organizer.

5. Luggage set 

Give the gift of some nice luggage for a traveling dad.

6. Watch box

Keeping it classy.

7. Joke mug

Appeal to their sense of humor with this comedic joke mug.

8. Custom cooler 

Provide the perfect place to keep cold drinks this Father's Day.

9. Golf art

For the golf loving dad, this cute DIY would be perfect.

10. Photo collage 

Probably one of the easiest things to create even through CVS or Walgreens Photo, but still a super special present.

11. Facial hair trimmer

A simple yet useful gift that could work for any guy.

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