Dearest 2018,

I am so excited that you are finally here. Like I have talked about in my previous posts, studying abroad has been an absolute dream of mine. I have also talked about my belief that resolutions are fake news. So, as 2018 hit the clock at 12:00 am, I felt a swarm of relief fall onto my shoulders knowing that this year was for me to learn more about myself and start the journey of becoming the lady I have always wanted to be.

My time so far in Glasgow has been nothing but pure joy and happiness. I am getting very nervous that this adventure will go by very quickly.

So how am I spending my time here? Exploring and eating.

As I start to find more of a routine throughout my weeks, I am hoping to jump on the exercise wagon, but until then, I am happy about the way I feel.

Back at home, I was constantly in environments that made me feel so cautious about the way I looked and how much I worked out. I was always on the newest "healthy food trends."

Ever since I arrived in Glasgow, I have found a new appreciation for food and the way people eat and enjoy each others' company. I am from a place where cooking is the last thing people want to do and we must eat efficiently to get more things done within our day. It is a totally different story here, so I am soaking it up.

I have been taught the importance of cooking an amazing meal for yourself because you deserve it each night. I have been taught the importance of sitting and spending an hour at dinner to talk to friends and learn more about each other.

The food here in Scotland is beyond fresh and very cheap so I can forwardly say I have never eaten this much in my entire life and I am very excited to continue.

I have been researching the best restaurants to spend my time and money at; I have eaten fish almost every day at the local fresh bread shop next to my school; and you can bet I have enjoyed a 50/pp fresh bun almost every day.

Long story short...I am using this adventure to indulge in the eating habits I usually would never participate in. In just a short couple of weeks, I have learned the importance of smelling the glories of food before eating and that eating a lot is just like learning something new.

I am here to learn about this unique culture and will never have this opportunity again...bring it on food—I am ready for you.

2018, I am so sorry that I am not making promises to you about shedding pounds...I am very much so ready to gain some.

Happy travels!