There are a few things that are expected when you come to college. Some of those expectations may include debt, a lot of assignments, and the probability that you're going to gain the Freshman 15; however, there are a lot of things that take you by surprise. Whether it's the first week of your freshman year, the last week of your sophomore year, or the "I don't have a job and I'm almost a graduate" senior year. Here's exactly what you didn't expect, but definitely happened in your college years.

1. You've pulled more all-nighters than you could ever imagine.

Biology midterm? Finance final? You've seen it all. These are some of the worst nights. But at the same time, they show how hard you're willing to work to get what you want. You made it through them, and you probably pulled off an okay grade because, hey! You did study!

2. Tears. There were so many more tears than expected.

Maybe you failed a test. Maybe you overslept. Maybe it's your fourth day in a row eating Ramen (Mom? Help?). Whatever it is, it ruined your makeup, and possibly your roommate's pillowcase. We have definitely all been there. We've also all probably been there two weeks into the semester, at midterms, and definitely during finals week.

3. You got a C. And you were proud of it.

We've all had those classes that we thought were impossible. For the math majors, maybe it's writing. For the writing majors, maybe it's math. Either way, you worked hard and earned a passing grade. It's the end that feels so good when you can finally say you did it.

4. The freshman 15 came and went. Thanks, Campus Rec.

The dorms had reaaally good cookies, but they got a little excessive within your diet. The campus rec, however, can never get excessive in your life. Looking at the mile walk there and back as a cool down phase of your workout was probably the best thing you could've done.

5. You met some of the greatest people you've ever known.

They say you meet your best friends in college, and they're right. You get to know these people like no one else you've ever known. Pulling all-nighters, crying together about your grades or boys, and just having fun with them is all a part of the experience. Seeing how they're there for you no matter what just adds to the greatness of your relationships.

6. 8 a.m. classes are worse than your 7:30 a.m. high school start time.

What more has to be said about this? You just can't handle waking up, trying to get dressed, and half falling out your door. Especially in rain, snow, or when you're completely out of coffee.

7. You realized a night in your robe every once in a while is common, and so okay.

Sometimes, you need a night in. Robes are one of the best, coziest purchases you could make and can make your night in the best it can possibly be. All they do is help you out when you need a warm hug the most. These nights are completely okay and that's what you realized.

8. Your bank account hit $0.00.

Chipotle got the best of you. But, of course, you pulled through and got a job, or donated plasma or something. College is definitely teaching you how to manage your money, which is a skill you will absolutely need once you've graduated.

9. You messed up. A lot. And realized it was okay.

Whether it was you falling asleep and getting an F on that paper, or a rough break up between you and your high school boyfriend, it will be okay. You have so many better things coming, and college is just the start of that next chapter.

10. You did some things you're really proud of.

Whether it's becoming an exec member at your sorority, landing a prestigious internship, making the Dean's List, or changing your major to what makes you happy, you've done something you're proud of. That's what college is for! Finding yourself and proving to yourself that you can do it is what makes college the best.