Understanding Your Zodiac Chart 101
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Understanding Your Zodiac Chart 101

Who knew stars could be so complicated?

Understanding Your Zodiac Chart 101

We've all had quarantine obsessions, and one of mine has been astrology. It is SO fun to look at yourself - and everyone you know - in the context of astrology. And when you can start looking at people and guessing their zodiac sign accurately? An amazing feeling. And once I learned that civilizations have been using variations of zodiac signs since ancient times, and maybe even prehistoric times according to some very interesting cave art. To be perfectly honest, I am no expert at astrology, and I am still learning, because there are many layers to the concept. But I've decided to compile a Zodiac Basics Guide full of everything I've learned over the past few months to help any other learning astrology lovers get a jump start on understanding the complexities of astrology.

The basic formula for understanding your chart (which can be calculated ) is (planet) + (sign) as influenced by (house).

5. Other planets media.giphy.com


Sun sign

Your sun is your fundamental essence, your ego, identity, self, basic personality, and who you are at your core. I am......

Moon sign

Your moon is your emotions, it's how you feel things. I feel in a way that is.....

Rising/Ascendant sign

This is your presence, and how you look to others. I appear...

Mercury sign

This is your logic and rationality, and how you communicate. I think and react in a way that is.....

Venus sign

This is how you love, and influences your attraction. I love.....

Mars sign

Mars is action, determination, aggression, and passion. Mars was the Roman god of war, so it makes sense that this sign would deal with lots of action and expanding energy. I deal with life and challenges in a way that is.....

Jupiter sign

This is your relationship with luck, philosophy, and abundance, but also your expansion, your happiness and your experience. My luck and experience are...

Saturn sign

This is your hard work and professional achievements. It's both your resilience and potential and your limitations. I discipline myself and view my responsibilities as...

Uranus sign

This is your individuality and your innovation. It relates to progress, rebellion, and intuition. My originality and uniqueness are....

Neptune sign

Neptune has to do with your dreams and creativity, as well as your inspiration and illusions. My dreams and imagination are...

Pluto sign

This is a generational sign, that takes between 1 and 3 decades to go to the next one. In fact, it will take 248 years for Pluto to go through all 12 signs. This is the sign of rebirth, change, power, destruction, transformation, and regeneration. My transformations are...

https://www.google.com/search?q=zodiac+signs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQrpek3fPfAhVi4oMKHbN3BLgQ_AUIDigB&biw=1536&bih=754&dpr=1.25#imgrc=W39HcsvnBt_QNM: The Zodiac Signs As Bath And Body Works Scents Pixabay


Fire Sign: fire signs are known for being very adventurous, passionate, and typically bold. These signs are all about action and adventure and are the houses of life.

Earth Sign: earth signs are known for being very stable, practical, and thoughtful. They are all about stability and practicality and are the houses of substance.

Air Sign: air signs are known for being social, fluctuating, and analytical. They are all about socialization and creativity, and they're the houses of relationships.

Water Sign: water signs are known for their sensitivity, empathy, and deep feelings. They are all about compassion and insight and are the houses of emotion.

Cardinal Sign: These signs are about action, they're direct, and they're good at management

Fixed Sign: These signs become attached easily, and are organized and typically stubborn

Mutable Sign: These signs are adaptable, changing, and versatile.


Fire sign - cardinal sign

Aries is a fiery, pioneering, competitive sign. This sign is also known for being impatient and impulsive. They are the leaders of the zodiac, and they're very active. Energetic, brave, passionate, and competitive.


Earth sign - fixed sign

Taurus is a stable, stubborn, and practical, typically very down-to-earth sign. This sign is known for being responsible and hard-working and is typically linked to physical touch. Patient, reliable, indulgent, and committed.


Air sign - mutable sign

Gemini is a curious, adaptable, versatile, and very social. This is the twin sign, which is often either linked to flexibility or double-sided. They are known for being very communicative and occasionally flighty or easily losing interest in people. Adaptable, charming, indecisive, and social.


Water sign - cardinal sign

Cancer is an emotional, diplomatic, sensitive, and maternal sign. This is a sign that is very imaginative and known for its strong emotions. Sensitive, diplomatic, family and friend oriented, and emotional.


Fire sign - fixed sign

Leo is known for being very confident, and can sometimes be thought of with a self-centered nature, but that may be more of a stereotype. They are incredibly secure in who they are, which may be misconstrued for being vain, and are very passionate and warm. Dramatic, confident, loyal, and passionate.


Earth sign - mutable sign

Virgo is known for being a practical, analytical, somewhat skeptical sign. They are very hard-working and driven, typically known for thinking methodically and living in an organized fashion, even if the organizational system only makes sense to them. Practical, organized, thoughtful, and reliable.


Air sign - cardinal sign

Libra is the sign of balance. They are known for being an incredibly social and diplomatic sign, as well as very cooperative. This sign needs partnership and hates being alone, although they have a somewhat superficial reputation at times. Fair-minded, balanced, social, and cooperative.


Water sign - fixed sign

Scorpio is a very dynamic, independent, and secretive sign. This sign is often stereotyped beyond recognition as this dark, secretive, calculating sign, and while those are rooted in some truth, it is often way exaggerated. Typically they are really just an thoughtful and analytical sign, and while it does tend to be more reserved and observant, they're also very passionate and dynamic. Brave, independent, secretive, intuitive.


Fire sign - mutable sign

Sagittarius are free-spirited, adventurous, and optimistic. They are very carefree, but this can sometimes lead them to be somewhat careless. This sign is very fun, open, curious, and honest (sometimes too much). Carefree, adventurous, optimistic, impatient.


Earth sign - cardinal sign

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, ambition and known for a somewhat workaholic attitude that's really just a resourceful and incredibly determined appearance. This sign is incredibly self-sufficient and self-controlled. They can be known as condescending but are typically very sincere and driven. Self-control, responsible, ambitious, hard working.


Air sign - fixed sign

Aquarius is a visionary, thoughtful, original sign. This sign can be known as apathetic and stubborn, but its very dedicated to big ideas and success. It has a reputation for wanting to make the wold a better place, and are very progressive. Imaginative, original, clever, humanist.


Water sign - mutable sing

Pisces is an intuitive, empathetic, compassionate and romantic sign. They have a reputation for being unrealistic and indecisive, but are also incredibly wise and adaptive. This sign forgives and trusts easily, and is selfless, but needs a lot in relationships. Empathetic, intuitive, compassionate, imaginative.

How Astrology Helped Me Find Myself assets.rebelmouse.io


If you do not have any signs in this house, it may reflect an area in which you are lacking (happens to everyone.

1st House

This is the house of appearance, image, identity, and how others see you. If this house is empty, it reflects a lack of identity or personality, or possibly being somewhat fake.

2nd House

This is the house of money, self-worth, and values, and reflects your goals in this lifetime. It also reflects material possessions and influences. If this house is empty, it may reflect feelings of insecurity and instability or a lack of personal confidence.

3rd House

The third house is the house of communications. It also concerns siblings, socialization, and teaching. If this house is empty, it may reflect difficulty dealing with logic or difficulty communicating with others.

4th House

This house is home, security, family, and safety. It has to do with your roots and your past, as well as your security. If this house is empty, it may appear as a detachment or familial problems.

5th House

The fifth house is the house of romance, risks creativity, and fun. It also concerns family, self-esteem, and gambles. If this house is empty, it may manifest as being easily bored, or being hard to please.

6th House

This house is the house of work, health, duty, and skills. It also reflects daily routine and service. If this house is empty, it may mean an overreliance on others and possibly poor health.

7th House

This is the house of relationships, partnership, and balance. It concerns marriage and how you identify with others. If this house is empty, it may reflect commitment issues, as well as being unconcerned or wary of love and relationships.

8th House

The eighth house is the house of intimacy, shared values and resources, and how you handle death and endings. It also concerns joint finances, passion, and sexual energy. If this house is empty it may emerge as a lack of fear of death or danger.

9th House

The ninth house concerns religion, philosophy, ideas, and spirituality. It involved expanding horizons and travel. If this house is empty, it may appear as an over-attachment to the past, as well as a desire to never change.

10th House

This house is your career and how you are seen (title, status, respect). It is also your recognition and your achievement. If this house is empty, it may mean lazy tendencies, or difficulty staying organized.

11th House

This is the house of goals, friends, and harmony. It revolves around what you want to leave behind in this life: causes, groups, fellowship, etc. If this house is empty, it may result in difficulty keeping friendships.

12 House

This house concerns your secrets, karma, limitations, and visions. It includes dreams, the past, your spiritual connection, and any repressed energy. If this house is empty, it may mean you cannot cope with stress or fear, or feel a lot of pressure.

Here's how to understand that difficult zodiac information. Enjoy!

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