Appreciating Art

The Understanding Of Art Is A Crucial Factor In Preserving The Tradition Of Appreciating The Ephemeral Beauty

We should strive to understand beauty in a fuller way.


It was April, and the bright sunshine helped to warm the otherwise chilly atmosphere of the spring semester as I made my way towards the Staller Center at Stony Brook University for the annual URECA art exhibition. I paused in awe of the wondrous creations before me, wrought with great passion to life by the enthusiastic hands of students hellbent upon expressing their hearts through their work, including some of my close friends who had spent hours perfecting their craft for the moment their dedication would be put on display for the Seawolf community to see in full.

The clear elegance of the paintings and sculptures was miles beyond my scope of comprehension—the attention to detail that these incredible artists honed in on was made obvious in every curve, every shade of color that represented a specific hue of emotion, every line that illustrated a lifelike quality few could cultivate. Looking at these incredible pieces, I was reminded of the wonders of human imagination and how creativity can lend itself a conduit to articulation through the foundation of art.

In a school as highly motivated towards scientific accomplishment and research as Stony Brook, the understanding of art is a crucial factor in preserving the tradition of appreciating the ephemeral beauty inherent in sculptures, paintings, and other forms of creation at a time when budget cuts continue to rock the Seawolf campus, threatening the bedrock of once-stable institutions that help to express the wonders that Stony Brook has to offer besides its world-class STEM facilities.

Art is a form of elegance that allows the creator to articulate their feelings towards one subject or another in whatever manner they choose. It is will incarnate—the work takes on a piece of its originator, embodying the very soul of that individual and helping to transpose it clearly for all to see.

Paintings such as "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo reflect a religious zeal of the time period for which that masterpiece has set aside an audience (who value Christianity as the cornerstone of their lives), while others such as "Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix depict the overthrowing of the elite class during the French Revolution in order to give power back to the common people.

The discipline of art is such that many who practice in its field can have vastly differing opinions and motivations for their point of view, and their ability to formulate that particular belief into their work is what makes art such an incredible field of profession.

We should strive to understand the beauty on display in sculptures, paintings, murals, and other forms of art in order for us to have a deep understanding with what that particular artist chooses to express through their work. Only then can we learn to appreciate the ephemeral.

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10 Things To Do When Feeling Creative

A list of things to do when your creative juices are flowing and you need to put them to good use!

A list of ten things that I do when I'm feeling creative--some ideas for you!

1. Paint

Head to a craft store and purchase some canvases, paint brushes, and paints and paint yourself some unique, beautiful pictures!

2. Slime

Make a plethora of different homemade slimes! This can be super fun and super messy if that's what you're in the mood for!

3. Pottery

There's so much you can do with pottery! You can paint, create, decorate and more! Get yourself some pottery clay and make something awesome!

4. Color

Get a few coloring books and make it a goal to complete every single page!

5. Scrapbook

Scrap-booking is one of my favorite things to do! The best part is, you can literally use anything you want because its so free!

6. Write

Feeling creative with your words? Write a short story, a poem, a song, this is just as creative as any other crafting.

7. Makeup

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Art Is Anyone's To Make And Anyone's To Hold, That's Why It Means So Much To Me

I love the flexibility of it, allowing it to take any form or shape.


The passing strokes glide by each other, each holding hands with their neighboring strokes.

The wind rushes them forward into a convoluted gesture of mixed feelings onto paper and forming a figure in the distance.

A girl.

Standing by the apple tree

looking up into the bottomless abyss we call our night sky

feeling time rush by, an intangible force streaming faster than any wind, any sea tide, any stroke.

She breathes in air and slowly time seems to vanish

and it's just her

and the night sky

the stars glimmer in the distance

and hold hands

in a serpentine path

forming the collection of the universe's belongings.

She breathes out.

And as she looks up.

She wonders

how everything in this universe came to be.

For me, that's something art can communicate in just a single canvas. It expresses intangible ideas onto a tangible material, shaped and created by our very own bodies — the boldest shout of humanity into the deep void.

I've loved art since I was a little girl. Its meaning to me would change as I grew up and developed deeper and more complicated notions and interpretations of the world but that didn't mean that I gave up on how I communicated it. There was always a blank piece of paper, a pencil, a handy eraser, and my imagination splashed out in front of me, daring me to begin. Art can be silly or fun but it can also be deeply abstract or sentimental. I love the flexibility of it, allowing it to take any form or shape. I like the enigmatic character it holds as it compiles you to think deeper on the artist's intent. And most of all, I love that it can be anyone's to make and anyone's to hold.

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