10 Things You Understand If You've Been Through A Tech Week

10 Things You Understand If You've Been Through A Tech Week

So. Much. Caffeine.


Tech week, AKA the week leading up to a show's opening night, is infamous, stressful, and oh-so-crucial. There's nothing like it, and tech week has struggles and benefits all its own.

1. It just springs up out of nowhere


You think you're handling time well, and you're on top of things, and then all of a sudden tech week is here and you don't know where your time went.

2. You feel the need to protect your health like stolen treasure


Tech week is the most high-stakes time in preparing for opening a show. You cannot afford even a sniffle.

3. And yet you can't seem to escape making choices that impact your health negatively 


Chips and cookies are the only foods that seem to be around. So guess what you're going to eat? Chips and cookies.

4. You NEED caffeine...


Tech week means late, late nights, in addition to whatever life responsibilities you've been dealing with all day. Caffeine is a must, and yet...

5. ...but caffeine will be your downfall 


It dries your voice out, and at the end of the day, you'll be just as tired, but your hands will be shaking.

6. At some point, you will feel like there's no way you'll be ready in time 


Hangup after hangup after hangup will leave you wondering if tech week should maybe last for two weeks instead.

7. If you're a college student, well, good luck Charlie 


You've got tests? Papers? Projects? Sorry, let's hope your professors are generous with extensions, because you will have no time to get anything done.

8. You need people skills more than ever


Cast, crew, and everyone else are shoved together for the first time, and the fate of the show depends on how well you can work everything out. It's a test, but one you have no choice but to pass.

9. Your relationships with everyone around you get stronger


Under normal circumstances, two people may have never given each other a second thought. Under tech week circumstances, you have to cling to the people around you. What works, works, right?

10. You couldn't ask for a better reward


At the end of tech week comes opening night, where you get to see the fruits of your labor come to pass. When the show opens, you know that all the late nights were more than worth it.

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Poetry On Odyssey: Forsaken Fronteras

A poem about the identity of a Mexican-American.


Poems are meant to be interpreted by the audience but to me, it tells a story of who I am. The identity I can't seem to check in a box because it is more than American but at the same time more than Mexican. This is the way I express my identity and I don't even believe it was enough to explain how I feel.

Forsaken Fronteras

Terrible idea

Dos different roads, one more traveled than the other.

Words erupt out of my mouth like a volcano,

no se how to elucidate my mind.

Longest trip on the train of thought,

Two distinct voices, two distinct lives.

Distinct Ambitions, Cautionary Actions,

broken barriers, forsaken fronteras.

Passionate mezcal growing from a sea of tequila,

silk road set spice on strip of my tongue,

Dressed in knowledge with

a "standard" to my mess, a place for each stone,

no change to choices, absolutely none.

Ode to my identity, singing a soliloquy,

surrender my individuality I shall NOT.

Different ways to say Te Amo, I love you,

Distinct motions to prove it; caressing kiss, mis labios.

Her proficiency was music to my ears.


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