10 Things You Understand If You've Been Through A Tech Week

10 Things You Understand If You've Been Through A Tech Week

So. Much. Caffeine.


Tech week, AKA the week leading up to a show's opening night, is infamous, stressful, and oh-so-crucial. There's nothing like it, and tech week has struggles and benefits all its own.

1. It just springs up out of nowhere


You think you're handling time well, and you're on top of things, and then all of a sudden tech week is here and you don't know where your time went.

2. You feel the need to protect your health like stolen treasure


Tech week is the most high-stakes time in preparing for opening a show. You cannot afford even a sniffle.

3. And yet you can't seem to escape making choices that impact your health negatively 


Chips and cookies are the only foods that seem to be around. So guess what you're going to eat? Chips and cookies.

4. You NEED caffeine...


Tech week means late, late nights, in addition to whatever life responsibilities you've been dealing with all day. Caffeine is a must, and yet...

5. ...but caffeine will be your downfall 


It dries your voice out, and at the end of the day, you'll be just as tired, but your hands will be shaking.

6. At some point, you will feel like there's no way you'll be ready in time 


Hangup after hangup after hangup will leave you wondering if tech week should maybe last for two weeks instead.

7. If you're a college student, well, good luck Charlie 


You've got tests? Papers? Projects? Sorry, let's hope your professors are generous with extensions, because you will have no time to get anything done.

8. You need people skills more than ever


Cast, crew, and everyone else are shoved together for the first time, and the fate of the show depends on how well you can work everything out. It's a test, but one you have no choice but to pass.

9. Your relationships with everyone around you get stronger


Under normal circumstances, two people may have never given each other a second thought. Under tech week circumstances, you have to cling to the people around you. What works, works, right?

10. You couldn't ask for a better reward


At the end of tech week comes opening night, where you get to see the fruits of your labor come to pass. When the show opens, you know that all the late nights were more than worth it.

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A Letter Sent To Myself In A Time Machine

I see you blooming.


A letter to myself in the future,

Good morning, I've been trying to tell you for years now that you are talented. That your body is just an add on to you. Don't let edges define you. Calories were made to be eaten so stop counting. Please write it's the only thing that's going to get you out of this hood. You can make it out. Write until every birthday journal is filled, until you have nothing left to say. you will always have something to say. I'm here to tell you, "Poet Breathe Now." Go get back in your zone and spit mind-boggling metaphors into the mic, because someone needs to hear the truth. You need to make that stage boom because once it shakes you will every ones heartache. So poet speak now because no one else will do it for you. Go find the good people like grandma told you.

Remember it's hard to find them, look where vines grow from trees our ancestors planted. Where their fingernails were filled with dirt from plantation owners. They left this for you. Notes tied with leaves smeared with bloody soil. I am praying you make it further them. That these roots from southern trees won't drag you underground with the earthworms. That you will rise with all the beautiful creatures.

You are beautiful.

Inside and out.

Stop doubting yourself.

Let your true roots show.

Never be ashamed of where you came from. It made who you are today.

Let your arms stretch wide like the branches from your favorite childhood tree.

Lather in self love.

Take time for you there is no shame in being alone it does not mean you are lonely it means you have find solitude in being alone. You have found peace in a time you never thought you could again because the universe never gives us anything we cannot handle. You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. You are a flower child so bloom. Let your petals reach for the sun. She believed she could so she did.

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Posting About Something On Social Media Isn't Going To Change The Problem, Its Time To Step Up

Use your voice, not your keyboard.


Often times when we hear about something that happened we always go to social media. We try and see who else posted about a certain issue. We try and find a post and put it on our story. But why? Is it to show people you care? Is it for views? Or is it to show people that you noticed something that they didn't?

Silence has a volume. A tweet I saw the other day. Many people agree to this and many people have debates over what it actually means. So let me ask you: What is your purpose?" Is your purpose to post for views? Is your purpose to spread awareness? Or is your purpose to be along those who found something to talk about?

Are you just posting about an event and walking away? Or are you thinking about how to activity talk about an issue and raise awareness and go and speak out against it? See that's the question that's going to have you thinking. How easy is it to just tweet about an event that occurred to seem like you care but never step up for what is right.

We often hold this fear of "If I step up I will be targeted" or if I step up I don't want to be viewed as what I am not. Why all these excuses? Why hold yourself from changing the world or changing the way a certain issue is taken care of?

Why always command the opinion of people over every decision you make? Posting on social media about a cause will do nothing but show your understanding of an event. You might argue the purpose of posting over a cause. But the harsh reality is the post is nothing but a post.

Will a post speak out against a cause? Will a post step up against discrimination? What about the words you type on the caption? People will read it and swipe. Will people really take the time to know the exact story? No, because we live in a day and age where the media shows us what they want us to see and doesn't show us any more than that.

Social media is a platform where its really easy to manipulate people in either telling the truth or simply lying. You never know the intentions of a person behind the screen so why even try to argue with such a person about a cause?

If you really want to stand up to issues and make a real change its time to step up. Use your voice, not your keyboard. Start advocating for what is right or at least what is morally right in your perspective.

Don't wait on your post to make a difference. Make the difference within your voice. Make your voice heard and if it gets shut down continue to raise your voice for what is right.

If you want to make a change I urge you to start within a class setting and then start going out of your way and speaking to different organizations and people about what you feel is justice and what you feel is unjust. Waiting around for people to see your post isn't going to do much good.

If you care to make a change than do the steps necessary. Quit depending on social media to take care of all your needs. Whets most important in speaking out for what you believe is right is being passionate to raise awareness.

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