Underrated YouTube Beauty Bloggers Part 2

This week I would like to introduce five additional YouTube beauty bloggers. These bloggers are very well-known in the beauty community of YouTube, as well as the makeup industry in general. But, their channels are under one million subscribers. Each blogger has a very distinctive style of teaching beauty tips. Thus, making each one worthy of having over a million subscribers. So, whenever you are browsing YouTube for unbiased, unsponsored makeup reviews and tips, check them out.

TymeTheInfamous: Tyme is a self-taught makeup artist. Tyme is an expert at creating bold eyeshadow makeup looks. Tyme's looks are excessively pigmented, detailed, but yet elegant and wearable. Her style is reminiscent of high-class drag queens in the way she changes her hairstyles so often to go with her makeup and outfits.She is also a great hairstylist and gives out many tips on how to change hair color and install hair extensions without damaging our hairs. She has a website in which she teaches how to become a makeup artists at an affordable rate. Those who complete makeup courses on Tyme's website will receive a valid certificate of completion.

DivaMakeupQueen: Wing Law is a Chinese-descendant young woman who goes under the username of DivaMakeupQueen. Wing is a certified make-up artist who is stationed in New York. She is also a professional cellist. She has created over a hundred makeup looks using affordable makeup brands such as elf and Wet N' Wild. She was Wet N' Wild beauty ambassador in 2011. She is very knowledgeable on how to find affordable dupes at the drugstores of very popular high-end cosmetics. A few years ago she came out with her own makeup line. Her makeup brand offers eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and magnetic palettes for a low price point.

TotalMakeupJunkie101: Eshani is an Indian-American young woman who is known on YT as TotalMakeupJunkie101. Eshani constantly uploads review videos on her channel of the most recently released makeup which she buys with her own money. She would review how the products have already performed on her skin and how they play on her Indian complexion. This is very helpful for Indian women or women of similar skin tones when finding suitable products to match their color. Nevertheless, her reviews are helpful because she explains how the formulation of products would work and shows how can that be beneficial when buying cosmetics.

CoffeeBreakwithDani: Dani is a young woman of Mexican ancestry. In her channel, she features videos in both English and Spanish. Dani is excellent when it comes to providing money-saving tips when buying cosmetics and other necessary products. Her reviews are very easy to follow and she uses a friendly tone when speaking. She provides many tips on how to keep a condensed makeup arsenal and how to keep makeup in rotation by using the most out of it. Dani is also a nutritionist by profession and is a mother of two children. She has collaborated with ColourPop cosmetics and designed a matte nude color named after Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. She was among the first bloggers to review ColourPop cosmetics on YouTube. This led Dani to be a beauty ambassador for ColourPop cosmetics.

TheFancyFaced: Tina is from Jamaica. Tina specializes in creating bold eye looks. She is an amateur freelance/theatrical makeup artist. She is a mechanical engineer who spends most of her salary on buying makeup to be tested on her channel. Many of Tina's looks are inspired by the galaxy and nature. She's a pro at teaching blending techniques for eyeshadow application. When looking to create bold eye looks check her out. Tina has the best reviews on MAC cosmetics with swatches and descriptions.

I hope that you enjoy these bloggers recommendations and stay tuned for a few more!

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