Five Underrated Study Abroad Destinations
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Five Underrated Study Abroad Destinations

Because you can only hear about "the wonderful time I've had in___" so many times before it feels like YOU have studied there.

Five Underrated Study Abroad Destinations

Looking to study abroad but want to go somewhere "off the normal grid"? Here are some great suggestions for the ambitious and adventure seeking student!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and is known for its extravagance and luxury. You'll see designer brands and outrageously expensive cars as you walk to class. As for a night life? You've come to the right place, as Dubai has got you covered if you're looking to party all night long. But, this city isn't just for looks-it also boasts an impressive history, represented through the breathtaking architecture. Head to the heart of the city where you can barter back and forth with traders for custom goods and then head over to grab some delicious and traditional street food you can't get anywhere else.

Budapest, Hungary

Looking for a destination that can feel like home within a short month? Budapest is the place for you. The country of Budapest offers a small town feel in a relatively large city and the relaxing pace of life will no doubt help you adjust to this wonderful city and all it has to offer. This city has many universities to choose from, with most studies being taught in English, so no need to worry about learning a new one, if that concerns you. As for things to do in Budapest, the list is lengthy. You can stroll down the historic winding streets, passing the Buda Castle and St, Stephen's Basilica on your way to the opera or craft market. Then after, head to a club or bar which usually has live music to dance like no one's watching, while eating some amazing food (with no possibility of being HUNGARY).

Seoul, South Korea

Have you ever wanted to study abroad AND find a great new skincare, all in one? Well, stay with me on this one, because i think Seoul is the place for your soul (iI'm sorry I had to). Seoul is one of the leading cities when it comes to skincare and any beauty routine, so taking a walk through the shopping district may land you with a new treatment that basically makes you immortal. Not only will you gain a new product, but you'll be doing so guilt free, as it is against the law in Seoul to test on animals, so you'll be supplied a product that is cruelty free. In addition to beautiful skin, if you happen to study abroad during April and May, you will be able to see the world famous cherry blossoms located all throughout Seoul. This city also gives visitors mouth watering street food, such as bungeo-ppang (a fish shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean), as well as classics like KFC! There are also some absolutely stunning mountain views in Seoul, making it a well rounded destination for anyone!

Lima, Peru

Want to see a seventh wonder of the world, hang out at the beach, and hike some mountains all in the same place? Well, welcome to Lima, Peru. This city, located on the South Pacific ocean not only offers a chance to go and visit Machu Picchu, but does so in an environment that is welcoming and friendly to visitors. If you are looking to improve your Spanish speaking skills, locals of Lima will surely help you do so, as the dialect in Lima is the easiest to understand, in regards to Spanish. The universities in Lima are top notch and will definitely challenge a student academically. But, after a day of hitting the books, you can venture down to the beach and relax before heading out for the night and enjoying the extravagant night life Lima has to offer!

Nairobi, Kenya

Perhaps one of the most underrated destinations is that of Nairobi, Kenya. I mean, where else could you see lions and tigers and bears out and about? (just kidding probably only lions, but also giraffes and hyenas). This city is located perfectly for anyone who would like to see more of East Africa, such as traveling to Zanzibar and Tanzania. Or you could travel a short way to Mombasa and lounge around on the beaches of the Indian Ocean for a few days (or months, we won't judge). Nairobi also has a rich culture, present in the unique foods and dishes you can try at many local restaurants. For the adventurous eater, there is also the chance to try giraffe and zebra. Finally, as the day winds down make sure to look up at the gorgeous sunsets Nairobi has to offer.

Happy travels!!!

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