It's been a few weeks since I moved back home after my freshman year of college, and I'm finally getting settled into a new routine post-freshman year. While it may be a little difficult coming back from school for the summer, there's definitely some underrated and under-appreciated pluses that come out of being home for the summer.

1. Free Laundry

At school, laundry costs $2.50 per load and required me going up and down two flights of stairs. I also had to be on constant alert, because the second anyone's washer or dryer would be done, someone would come and take yours out to put theirs in. However at home, laundry is not only free and requires just going up one flight of stairs, but I don't have to worry about random people swooping in and leaving my soggy laundry on the washer.

2. Not Leaving the Building for Food

At school, to eat more than whatever snacks I have stuffed away, I have to take a five minute walk across campus to the subpar dining hall. But at home, all I have to do is go up to the kitchen, not having to change into somewhat presentable clothes or brave the elements just to eat a meal.

3. Actually Being Able to Drive

Yes, at school some people do have their cars and can drive themselves around, but I do not, so my driving ability at school is nonexistent, forcing me to only go to places that the bus or my own two legs will take me (or Uber if I'm not being cheap). At home, it's nice to have access to cars and driving to get directly where I want to go.

4. Seeing My Family

One of the toughest parts of school was getting homesick and missing hanging out with my family and siblings. However, being home allows me to be with them and be more involved in their lives. Even if they can be annoying sometimes, it's definitely nice to get to be with them for a few months.

5. Seeing All My Home Friends

One of the worst parts of school was being separated from all my home friends (thank god for group texts). Yes, we can hear about everyone's lives and stories throughout text or Snapchat, but it's not the same as actually being altogether. Being home is a great way to reconnect with everyone after spending so much time apart.

6. Sleeping in My Own Bed

At school, my bed is a twin XL, which is a great downsize after sleeping in a full size for the last ten years. While I did get used to the smaller bed after awhile, it still didn't compare to those weekends I went home and could sleep in my own bed. That's one of the best parts about being home, three months straight in my own bed.

7. No School Work

Unless you subjected yourself to summer courses, summer means that you don't have any school connections and can appreciate and relax. The school year can be quite stressful at times, so having the summer to unwind is greatly appreciated and extremely underrated.

While there's definitely some pros and cons to being home for the summer, there's definitely some overlooked perks that should be acknowledged and appreciated more. So now that you're home, appreciate it all.