Nurses go unnoticed too many times. In reality, we should be praising them for all they do. Nurses are our real world superheroes.

1. Nurses work more than they should. 

Full-time nurses usually work 3 twelve hour shifts a week. That can be very overwhelming and tiring. But they get up and go to work anyways, and they do it happily.

They leave their problems at home and give their full attention to their patients for all 12 hours. On occasion, nurses don't even get a lunch break.

This could be because of staff shortages, busy hours, or a critical patient. Nurses really give all their time and effort to the well-being of their community.

2. Nurses work holidays. 

Nurses, at least where I work, are required to work 2 holidays during the year. This is a big deal for employees with families. Even though nurses would rather spend their holiday with their family, they gladly go to work and take care of people. That's dedication.

3. Nurses are your personal counselor, and they truly care about you.

Nurses are seriously the sweetest humans ever. When someone comes into their assigned room, nurses make them feel comfortable.

They sit down with them and get to know them. When a patient comes into the hands of nurses, they are relieved to have someone to talk too.

4. Nurses do all the dirty work.

Nurses are basically saints because of this. They will wipe patients bottoms when they are unable too. They will bathe patients when they are dirty.

They will hold your head in a cold towel while they throw up into a bag. Nurses have seen it all, and they still give every day 110%.

5. Nurses stay late to finish necessary patient charting. 

Patient care comes first, and nurses understand that. If they are not finished charting by the end of their 12 hour shift, they stay late and finish it up. They will miss their party to make sure all you're paperwork is completed and up to date.

6. Nurses stay strong for patients who can't be strong themselves, when really they want to cry along with them. 

There are many times when patients code, stop breathing, get bad news, or even die. It is very hard to watch and go through, especially for the family members. Nurses have to stay strong for the family.

Believe me when I tell you that keeping a brave face on is very hard. Nurses want to cry right along with patients and family. I have been there before. I was holding back so many tears. I had to stay strong and tell the family it was going to be okay. I prayed with them.

I held them and hugged them. They were screaming and crying and I was there for comfort. That is why nurses are our superheroes.

Next time you see a nurse, thank them for all they do.