To The Unconditional Parents, I Adore You, I Thank You And I Hope One Day I'll Be As Great As You

To The Unconditional Parents, I Adore You, I Thank You And I Hope One Day I'll Be As Great As You

There is no rule on how to be a great parent and our parents did the best they could

I've recently taken a Family Communication course in college and it's by far been one of the most rewarding classes I have come across in my four years. Especially, in such a time that I needed a little guidance and perspective.

Honestly, there are so many theories and opinions out there that says the exact ingredients of what makes a perfect family, what's "normal." Although, there are theories that support that, the reason I've enjoyed this class so much is because it's all thrown out the window.

It solidified that not one sole formula is correct. No one has the same definition of normal. And to be frank, our parents did their best so lighten up.

If you were raised right, with unconditional love, support, communication and commitment then, there are not two better people than your parents.

I do understand that some people don't have that and will never know what that's like. But, to the people who did- like me, be thankful and grateful because they made you, created you, and defined the person here reading this today.

Instead of living for themselves and going out every weekend, they signed you up, took you to every sporting event, every tournament, every softball field across the state.

Instead of giving you what you wanted, they gave you want you needed: discipline, structure, love.

Instead of letting you disappear with chances of never coming home again, they gave you a curfew, checked in on you.

If you're fortunate enough, even though it was against my five-year-old wishes, they gave you siblings. They knew what I would need because my brothers are the best gift my parents could have ever given me.

Instead of being at a friend's house every weekend all your friends were at your house. Your parents were the ones that people gravitated towards. They provided a safe place, a fun place, a comfortable place.

Instead of watching your friends struggle with a hard family life, they took them in. Heck, they took in every stray they could and loved them all the same.

The point is- it's okay to be frustrated with your parents occasionally, it's age appropriate. Maybe they didn't do everything right but, they did do it all for you. Come home, let them know where you're going, tell them what's going on in your life because without them- where would you be?

Love you, Mom & Dad!

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