Why It Is Okay To Not Complete Your Bucket List

Every summer there is this sort of pressure about doing as much as one can handle in the time span of 2-3 months.

And yes, I have tried my hardest in the past to basically tire myself out and "get as much done as possible."

But, truthfully, this pressure needs to stop.

If a week goes by and I have gone to the beach, visited a zoo, or done something adventurous...I beat myself up. I tell myself how lame I am, and my adventurous spirit is fading.

That is all bullsh*t.

This summer, stop pressuring yourself to do everything to make yourself feel satisfied with your summer and how you spent it. As we all are getting older, other priorities become increasing and "fun time" is only a privilege.

Things like work, and making money are the most important items on our list. Spending time with our families, unfortunately, is second (even though it should be first). We have all of these things going on and yet we get so down on ourselves for not "living it up."

But, "living it up" should not have guidelines or a specific definition.

Live and spend your summer in the way that makes you feel the happiest, healthiest, and most relaxed- Now that's living it up!

Us Millennials, we tend to compare ourselves to everyone else. With social media and the popularity of it, we can (sadly) see what everyone is doing at every bit of their day. This is what gets us.

Don't assume someone else is having a great and adventurous summer if you see one post of them at the beach. For all we know, it was their one day off this week.

Finish this summer with or without a bang. Do whatever makes you freakin' happy.

Live it up!

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