Single, no children, but have two best friends who are married and have children. Sometimes it may feel like you cannot connect with them or as if you are alone, but I assure you-you're not. It may seem hard to adjust at first but it gets easier.

When they get married, it's no big deal but then they have children and it changes. My two best friends Kara and Emily are my age of 21 and they are married with children. At times it is hard to be the friend on the outside, but they make it easy.

Kara and Emily are my best friends and have been since we were all 15. We live a good hour apart but somehow manage to remain as close as we were when we were five minutes away from each other.

Kara married Patrick and a year later had Evelyn and then another year later had Hunter. Emily married Justin a year ago and had Sawyer 10 months later.

I am here at 21, single, and in college. Here's when it gets better. Kara and Emily when they had children made me the aunt to Evelyn, Hunter, and Sawyer. Now no I am not their biological aunt but I love them as such. They are wonderful. Evelyn is a bright-eyed two-year-old, Hunter is an active 7-month-old, and Sawyer is a growing 5-month-old.

I was there for Evelyn's birth, I was there for Hunter's but did not get to see him, and for Sawyer, I was unfortunately out of town. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart as do their moms. Kara and I are similar in ways that we both have short tempers but a heart of gold. Emily and I are alike in that we both have a love for makeup. We are all three stubborn and love each other without a shadow of a doubt.

We also know that if one ever needed the other we'd be there in a second. Right now we are at a crossroads because Kara is living in Scottsboro, Emily is moving to Fayetteville, Tennessee, and I am here in Gadsden.

Emily and Kara have lived in Scottsboro pretty much their whole lives. I lived there for about three years. They are my favorite thing about that whole town.

This is my letter to them. I want them to know even though it seems as if our problems are all different we respect each others problems and opinions. We all have separate lives out of each other, but we've never treated one another as if they are not good enough to carry an opinion.

We are still girls and we still have the same problems all girls have. I love them unconditionally as they do me. Their children are loved of course by their mother's but by the other friends as well. My friends I could not and would not trade for the world. Sure we are living different lives, but we are best friends until the end.