As someone who struggles with anxiety myself, I understand how it sometimes feels as if it is running (ruining) my life.

I can not raise my hand in a classroom without analyzing what I am going to say over and over, and then I do not even do it because I fear saying the wrong thing. I can not say hi to someone I recognize when I am out because maybe they do not remember me or even like me. Standing up and talking in front of people is a struggle because it can easily trigger an anxiety attack. Being yelled at sends me into an internal battle and external fidgeting. Anything anybody says to me is rehashed over and over and over in my head.

So to the girl whose anxiety is becoming unbearable, I love you.

Those around you love you, even if they do not quite understand how to help you. Maybe they do not know what to say or understand what it feels like, but those that love you will stick by your side through it all. Your anxiety does not have to define you or run every aspect of your life. It may feel like you can not escape the claws and weight of your anxiety, but it does get better.

After finding people who understand what I am going through, it is easier to live with my anxiety.

Although my mom can not fully understand what I am going through, she is quick to comfort and console me when I am feeling anxious. Surrounding yourself with people who understand or are comforting is really important when you have anxiety. Being left to yourself and feeling anxious is not a good combination.

If you are a friend of someone who has anxiety, don't forget to remind them that you are in their corner and are a shoulder to lean on for them. You may not understand exactly what they are going through or feeling, but your presence alone is comforting and beneficial.