I Want To Live A Life Where I Am Unapologetically Me And Happy About It

I Want To Live A Life Where I Am Unapologetically Me And Happy About It

I have been doing things for others for far too long, and I need a break.


As the semester is wrapping up, I have been feeling overwhelmed and a bit stuck. So I am taking my life and living it for myself. A lot of the time, I was doing things because I thought it was what I should be doing, not what I believed I wanted to do.

Enough is enough.

I want to live a life where I don't look over my shoulder all the time to see who is judging me. I don't want to live a life where every other night I am wide awake in my bed, crying about all the stress I have caused myself. This is the time for me to be selfish. For me to only do things that make me happy and that help me in life.

I know that might sound terrible and some people may form a different opinion about me. The great thing about this new revelation I am having is that I don't care. I have spent so many years caring on what others thought of me that I let it consume me and dictate my life. I can't do that anymore.

I want to live in a life where I can look back at myself and like what I see. I want to better myself, and as I am sitting here in my living room while my roommate plays gospel music in her room, I believe I can be this person.

This is a small reminder to myself and to many others that they should think for themselves, live life for themselves because it is their skin, their hopes, and dreams. It does not matter how long it will take you to become your true self, as long as you are progressing, you are smiling more and you are not letting the burdens of the world get to you.

If you are not, then you need to take a step back and take life 20 minutes at a time in order to conquer the rest of the day.

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Learn How To Be Single

I know people that just can't live without being in a relationship, and it's time for that craziness to end.


Sure, falling in love is amazing. Humans are social creatures, so it makes sense as to why we love to hype up the idea of being in love. We feel worthy and validated if we constantly have someone that makes us feel special. What I have noticed throughout my teenage and young adult years, however, is some of my peers really do not know how to function when single. They have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend constantly. Y'all need to learn how to be single!

1. Fight Loneliness Head-on 

Obviously, everyone hates feeling lonely. When you are in a relationship, it's super easy to not get lonely. You consistently have someone to talk to and provide you with attention. However, when you are single, you have more time on your hands, which may often be spent alone. On the other hand, you can also spend this time with your friends, family, or on making new acquaintances. You can give your attention to a much wider span of humans, and through this learn that you don't need a special someone to prevent you from feeling lonely (you can have many someones).

2. Explore Your Personality

I've noticed a lot of my girl friends with boyfriends find their identity in their relationships. They transform their personalities according to what their boy prefers. This is just not healthy at all! We all have unique likings and personalities, and we develop these by interacting with a large range of people, not just one romantic partner. By branching out on your own, you learn so much more about yourself than if you are constantly spending your time with just one person.

3. Learn to Love Yourself

By spending time alone, doing things you enjoy, and forming platonic relationships, you begin to truly see your worth and find that no one can take that away from you. On an airplane, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask before helping others. How are you going to love someone when you have no love for yourself? How are you going to have any love left when that person leaves? Like I said, falling in love is amazing and being in a relationship can be a perfectly healthy way to spend one's life. But if you don't know how to be single and satisfied with yourself first, the relationship is not going to be built on a strong foundation. Next time you find yourself single, meditate on that time before scrambling to find your next mate. I promise you, it's important.

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To The Girl Who's Sick Of Being Told She's 'Too Much'

Don't worry... You're not.


I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been told I was "too loud, "too opinionated", "too open", "too sensitive", "too out there" or just plain "too much."

We're convinced from such a young age that we need to "dial it down" and sit back and watch as the world passes us by. But I have news for all of those people telling us these things: we're never changing. We can't just sit there and not express ourselves, not care, and do as we're told. In today's society, your voice and self-expression are your most important accessories and your most powerful weapon.

Use them as you please.
If someone ever tells you to dial it down, you take your "dial" and turn it to the max! You are strong and independent and the only people that should matter to you are the people sitting front and center for whatever you have to say, do, or feel.

Always remember to take pride in what you bring to the table and never be afraid to sit alone at that table. The only thing you should ever be afraid of is whether or not you're truly expressing yourself. Nobody's opinion matters more than your own. If you want to wear that new outfit that's not "in style", where it and add some hoops! If you want to speak out against something you don't feel is right, bring a megaphone!

If you want to follow your dreams and move away to a new city, pack your bags girl and walk straight ahead with your head held high! And when you're ready to take over the world, don't forget to wear your cutest pair of shoes. Never forget to put yourself first. Your happiness and peace of mind are so important, and the only way to truly gain both is to make sure nobody stands in your way.

You are powerful. And if power equates to being "too much", so be it. I personally would rather be "too much" than just enough any day.

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