As soon as school gets out, summer sounds like practically the best thing to exist. However, for those of us unfortunate enough to not be going anywhere during these few months, summer can be insanely boring, and most days are spent sitting around doing absolutely nothing but complaining about how bored you are. During one of those days, I decided to compile my ultimate summer bucket list to refer to whenever I have one of those "bored out of my mind" moments and share them to anyone else who may be suffering from nothing to do (besides summer work of course, but who's gonna do that until the day before school starts again?).

1. Go on a hike

2. Have a "yes" day

3. Take an art class

4. Visit an arcade

5. Go to the beach

6. Cook a three-course meal

7. Create a scrapbook/photo journal

8. Have a complete makeover

9. Go strawberry picking

10. Go paintballing

11. Go swimming

12. Watch/do fireworks

13. Write thank you letters to teachers

14. Set deadlines for summer homework, and do it

15. Have a spa night

16. Clean and donate old clothes/get rid of clutter

17. Choreograph and create a dance routine

18. Treat yourself for a day

19. Have a water balloon fight

20. Attend a karaoke night

A Motown Karaoke night.

21. Watch a throwback TV series

22. Learn a new hairstyle

23. Throw a pool party

24. Make homemade popsicles

25. Make a vlog

26. Go bowling

27. Try a new food place

28. Unplug from technology for 24 hours

29. Try to learn a language (or basics of it)

30. Play laser tag

31. Go thrifting

32. Bake a treat

33. Go to an amusement park

34. Go to a water park

35. Get your permit/license

36. Complete a DIY project

37. Make and paint pottery

38. Go on a road trip

39. Attend a local fair/carnival

40. Complete a puzzle

41. Try henna

42. Keep a journal of summer adventures

43. Visit an animal shelter

44. Go biking

45. Do a painting in the park

46. Research 15 colleges

47. Teach someone something

48. Create a mini-film

49. Go shopping

50. Go window-shopping

51. Have a picnic in the park

52. Make drawings out of sidewalk chalk

53. Be a tourist in your own city

54. Redecorate your bedroom

55. Have a game night

56. Decoupage something

57. Make a self-portrait

58. Have a family night

59. Do a random act of kindness

60. Get your nails done

61. Get highlights/dye your hair

62. Learn how to use chopsticks

63. Do photography

64. Attend a concert

65. Use a bath bomb

66. Write and send a fan letter

67. Play mini golf

68. Surprise someone

69. Switch wardrobes with someone for a week

70. Have a photo shoot

71. Reconnect with old friends/family

72. Write a short story

73. Go river rafting/kayaking/tubing

74. Make a handmade gift

75. Babysit kids

76. And most importantly... have fun!