5 Things All Harry Potter Fans Need To Do To Have The Ultimate Movie Marathon
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5 Things All Harry Potter Fans Need To Do To Have The Ultimate Movie Marathon

Spend a day in the Wizarding world!

5 Things All Harry Potter Fans Need To Do To Have The Ultimate Movie Marathon
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Some might say having a Harry Potter marathon is crazy, those people are obviously not dedicated fans. Who wouldn't want to spend a whole day watching one of the greatest series ever? So in order to have the most magical marathon possible, here are a few things you might need!

1. Set aside a whole day

Yep, a WHOLE day! Each of the Harry Potter movies are between two and half and three hour. Because of this it will take close to 20 hours, give or take with breaks, to watch every movie!

2. Get your comfiest clothes

If you're going to be spending a whole day watching movies you might want to break out the pj's and the sweats for this. I would suggest wearing any Harry Potter themed comfy clothes you have, like Harry Potter themed pj pants or your favorite house's logo on a shirt or sweatshirt.

3. Make some magical snacks

You could definitely go all out with this one! Pinterest is filled with tons of recipes for some of the best Harry Potter themed snacks such as, butterbeer, deathly hallows cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzel wands. Although, you can never go wrong with pizza and soda.

4. Find Potter themed activities

If watching with a group of friends you could look up quizzes that sort you all into houses. Maybe during breaks you could do competitions on quotes or facts about the movies or series and award points to different houses. If you were watching alone you could also take quizzes to see what house you're in, what character you're most like, or what your patronus would be.

5. Wizarding world crafts are always an option

For large groups, coming up with some sort of craft to do could be a great idea! Doing crafts while you watch the movie by yourself is also fun too. The most fun crafts do do in both situations would be making your own wand or Harry Potter themed ornaments. Pinterest is always a good place to look for crafting ideas!

Once you get all the supplies you need you're ready to start your magical marathon. So grab some friends or settle in by yourself and start your magical movie journey!

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