The Ultimate Bucket List

bucket list-

noun informal

A number of achievements or experiences that a person hopes to accomplish during their lifetime.

Everyone has a bucket list, whether it is a mental list, a Pinterest board, or an actual list on a piece of paper. Everyone’s “list” varies, but they are all also kind of the same idea: travel, skydive, ride an elephant, etc. These things are on my own list, but I decided to go a little further, creating a list that is different, but fits the crafter, the dare devil, the animal lover and so on.

The first item on my list is:

Swim with the manatees

Manatees are marine mammals often referred to as “the cow of the sea.” They like to munch on sea grass and love warm waters. The sad thing is that these animals are endangered and are slowly dying out. They are commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida, so before these beautiful creatures become even more threatened, travel on down to Florida and take a swim with them!

Next on my list is:

Zip-line Canada

This activity is a really cool way to see the forests of Whistler, Canada and some wild bears while you’re at it! Whistler is a quiet town right outside of Vancouver and is known for its Black Bear population. My parents vacationed here in 2013 and saw a lot bears on their zip-lining tour!

Balloon-Dart Art

As a kid, Princess Diaries was one of my favorite movies, and now that I’m older, I really relate to Mia Thermopolis. This movie inspired this list item. How fun would it be to have some friends over and create a cool art piece for your apartment?

And, for the humanitarian in all of us:

Volunteer in Africa

I’ve had friends spend time in Africa, and they always talk about what a humbling experience it was. In this day and age, I think we forget about how lucky we really are. We have clean water, clothes, food, a home; some people hardly have any of those things. So I just want to pack my bags and fly to Africa and help with that, change the world or something, right?

Go to a drive-in movie

Drive-ins are a thing of the past, but there are a few still around and running! In fact, Fayetteville has one on highway 112. It’s only open in warmer weather, so be sure to catch a show before you head home for the summer. They open in March!

Hope these items make someone’s list. Have fun and keep adventuring!

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