The first semester of any college years is always the roughest in my opinion. It's the toughest because it's the longest because most colleges or universities begin in August and in some parts of the U.S. like the south start even earlier. But after Thanksgiving comes and goes its just a short few weeks until the end of the semester and for Christmas break! I think that every college students favorite time of the year. Because you get a month off. And you don't have to worry about finals, or grades, or starting your essay that you totally forgot about. But those few weeks of the semester are crucial and here are some tips for you to help finish strong.

1. Procrastination is a big NO NO! Finals are a majority of your overall grade and you want to do well in your finals and in the class then you must not procrastinate. No matter how much you feel like getting cozy in bed with your popcorn and drink DON'T Netflix and Chill.

2. This quote is one of my favorites. It was even used in my senior year of high school yearbook that's how much I love it. Whether you have a struggled in a class and you feel like nothing you do will be right. Just look at this quote and remind yourself not to give up and that you can do it! Just like Nike logo is JUST DO IT.

3. By the time the night is over from all of the studying you would have drunk 18 cups of coffee to stay awake and focus on studying. So my advice DRINK COFFEE or ICED COFFEE!!!

4. Distractions are common when you are studying. You hear your suitemates talking in the living room and you want to know what they are talking about. Or you realized that you missed an episode of Grey's but you remembered you recorded it. Or you receive a text from your boyfriend or girlfriend or your parent or friend and you feel bad if you don't answer right away. You must take time to STUDY STUDY. That person or show can wait a few hours.

5. You'll feel like this all throughout finals and be studying for finals. But think about how much relief you'll have once all of the studying is done and all of the finals have been taken. You will feel so relieved and so good that you are excited about Christmas and excited to go home and see friends and family.

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