You're standing in the student section, covered head to toe in UConn apparel. You might even see some people with their faces painted. The crowd is roaring and the game hasn't even started yet.The band is playing, building up even more excitement with every beat of the drum. Then, Gampel goes dark and the pre-game video comes unto the big screens. The music, the lighting, the smell of popcorn, the cheerleaders...the atmosphere is unforgettable. Coming to these basketball games remind you why you chose UConn. The energy in Gampel is electric as the players run out. Then, the clock has ten minutes on and the game begins. You stand until the first basket is made by UConn, but you are never actually standing for long because the women dominate from the second the game starts.

You watch in awe as Breanna Stewart makes it look effortless to score nearly 29 points in one game. You wonder how Moriah Jefferson is so fast. You could almost swear she flies across the court. Katie Lou Samuelson, a six foot three freshman, scores almost every basket she shoots.You watch the players create a synergy together on the court and their product of their teamwork is excellence. Geno Auriemma's on the sideline, coaching his team up to the last minute on the clock, even if they are already winning by 50 points. The integrity, collaboration, motivation and skill of the UConn Women's Basketball team and coaching staff as a whole is like a well-oiled machine. The level of purpose with which these players play the game explains why the UConn Women's Basketball team has remained National Champions for 10 years now.

You look around Gampel and you see people of all age groups - students, children and even the elderly. People come from all over Connecticut to support their beloved UConn Women's basketball team. We've been National Champions 10 years and in the time, we've built a community. As we enter March Madness, many people are curious if UConn's Women are headed for their 11th victory. Based on this season's stats, it's safe to make a positive prediction for the Women's Basketball Team.

Here's Where We Stand:

Tweny-nine games into the season and the women remain undefeated. When the UConn women, win, they don't just win by a hair...they go all out. On November 16, they started the season off by defeating Ohio State 100-56. They beat their seasonal point record of 100 on December 30th, 2015, when the team defeated Cincinnati 107-45. Usually, the women win by double of what the other team scored, except for a few instances. On February 8th, 2016, the women won by only 12 points when they played against South Carolina. But hey, it's still a win in our records! By the looks of these stats, our UConn Women's Basketball Team should have no problems making their way to the championship.