After being a college student for the past few months, I have come to realize that not every day is the same. Different responsibilities and activities make themselves known, so you never know what your schedule for the week will be like.

However, I have discovered that many students like myself have days that follow a similar structure. Waking up in the morning and binge-watching Netflix at night are two common activities, and everyone manages to fit panicking about finals and mastering the art of procrastination in between. Here is the average college student's day in a nutshell.

1. Rise and Shine

"Do I REALLY need to go to class today?" - a thought that racks our brains every morning.

2. Breakfast

...if you wake up in time for it!

3. Morning classes

The mind is well rested (hopefully) and ready to learn.

4. Break time

See some friends, grab a snack, take a nap...the options are endless.

5. Remaining classes

Not as sharp as you were a few hours ago.

6. No more class! (aka freedom)

The GIF says it all.

7. Seeing your friends after class

It feels like ages since you last saw each other.

8. Remembering all the work/responsibilities you still have to do the rest of the day

Just because you aren't in a classroom doesn't mean the work for the day is done.

9. Then you have to decide whether or not to do laundry....

It sounds like a good idea but...

10. ...but none of the machines are available

Story. Of. My. Life.

11. Procrastinating on...well everything

College: the only place where it takes 5 hours to read a current event.

12. Thinking about finals are coming up


13. So you decide to procrastinate more and shower after a long day

The dorm building shower becomes a spa equivalent after a long day.

14. Getting into bed because you already know work is a lost cause

So cozy.

15. Knowing you have to sleep but watch Netflix instead

No regrets, though.

...and REPEAT!

It's been a long day.