You've made it into college/University, congrats! You've officially entered a new world of adventures and possibilities! As you're attending your university or college, the first thing you'll want to do, other than unpacking your bags, is making friends with any and every person that crosses your path. Well, while you're out there fishing for some new people to make friends with, here are a few kinds you might reel in.

1.The School Celebrity

This guy or girl is pretty part of the "It" Crowd at your school. They are heavily involved in any and if not all school clubs and they are probably in a leadership role, if not, the president for all of them. Essentially, these guys have become the face of the school and have the entire campus following them on all social platforms. They are extremely outgoing individuals, who, at the end of the day will graduate and become extremely successful.

2.The Sheltered Kids

These are the ones who have most likely come from a small town in the middle of nowhere and have never broken the rules. I'm talking have never missed a curfew, and who thinks shots only come from the doctor's office. Once the semester starts rolling on, typically they finally try something new and go on a high of exploring the new world college has so graciously provided for them.

3. The Greeks

These guys are really hard to miss on campus. Most of the time you'll see one girl handing out flyers, a guy in his pastel-colored button down and boat shoes or even a group of them walking around, typically if not always decorated in their sorority/fraternity letters. The very much bro community of your school, though sometimes, you'll come to find there are some Greeks that don't fall into the stigma.

4. The Overachievers

Don't get it twisted, it's great that they are working super hard during each semester, you'll never not hear about it. These people will always let you know how many classes, clubs, charities, jobs, and events they have lined up for them this week. They juggle immense amounts of work every day and are practically a living breathing coffee-fueled machine. No matter how crazy your life may seem, you'll never out "busy" them.

5. The Slackers

Unlike the overachievers who seemingly have zero time to do anything that doesn't involve what they are already doing. The slackers are one of the most puzzling people you'll come across on campus. Found mostly in their dorms, out lounging on campus grounds, and occasionally sleeping in the library. These people will never set foot in class after their first week, occasionally they will pop into class for midterms and finals but other than that, they are ghosts. Yet infuriatingly they always seem to get a higher grade than you for hardly being present.

Regardless of who you come across during your years at university, remember to not judge a book by its cover. At the end of the day, you'll make friends with whoever comes your way, and as long as they make you happy, if they are a greek or the sheltered kid, it shouldn't matter.