Thursday nights in Jacksonville are all about the fun. They start out good and end bad. They are the nights that turn into mornings. Most importantly they are the memories you will never forget because you were spending time with your best friends. Although we have all of this we also have the typical types of sorority girls, we all know them, and you either love them or hate them. Heck, you might even be one of them. Here they are and let's see who fits the type.

1. The Designated Driver Who's Done it Too Many Times

We all know her. She's the one who let's everyone else drink. She's the mom. She's the one who takes care of everyone. She makes sure you make it home safely. She's the one who gets up and goes to her 8 AM after being up until 2 AM with her drunk friends at Waffle House.

2. The One That's Never the Designated Driver

The girl who never drives because she's drunk before we leave the apartment. She's a trooper though because she keeps drinking. She is the life of the party and keeps everyone up beat even when the rest of the group wants to kill each other. She's the one you do not want to kill. This girl is fun and we love her all the time.

3. The Lightweight

We all have this one friend for sure. We all love this person too because the ones who take forever to get drunk envy her. We wish we could be her because she's passed out by 12 she was only out for two hours. The people who take forever to get drunk look at her and wish they could be like her. The lightweight is the girl who drinks one beer, one fruity drink, and God forbid one shot because she might die.

4. The One That Drinks the Boys Under the Table

This is the girl that the Frat Boys hate. They can't keep up with her and they feel inferior. She shotguns and funnels with them, but she never throws up. It's almost impossible to get her wasted. It takes forever for her to even feel buzzed. The boys might hate her but they love her all the same because she's just cool.

5. The Dancer That's Too Friendly

The boys love her but her friends hate her. Heck, the boys might even hate her. You can leave her on the dance floor walk outside for thirty minutes, come back, and she's still dancing away having the time of her life. By the end of the night, she's danced with four different guys at the four different fraternity house and isn't even ready to stop.

6. The One That Always Gets Lost

The minute you get to where all the fraternity houses are she's gone. You maybe see her for a total of ten minutes the whole night. The five minutes she dances with you and the five minutes it takes to get back the house. Other than that you only know she is alive through text messages and Snapchats.

7. The One Who Never Goes Out

This is the 4.0 GPA having girl who stays in every Thursday night. She only comes out because the designated driver got drunk for once in her life. She literally is the mom because if you need her all you have to do is call and she'll be there.

From all seven types you are bound to fall into a category. Whatever category you fall in own and be proud. Whatever type you are enjoy the night and always have the night of your life.