How To Choose Different Types Of Ballistic Helmets?
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How To Choose Different Types Of Ballistic Helmets?

Types Of Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic Helmets
Ballistic Helmets

A Complete Guide to the Types of Ballistic Helmets

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Ballistic helmets are bulletproof helmets designed for high-end protection from ballistic threats and stand out against blast debris threats, ballistic bullet threats, or gunfire attacks. This type of helmet is mainly used by military soldiers and SWAT teams who encounter ballistic threats. Ballistic helmets are ballistic-resistant body armor with proven protection and full coverage during blast or debris threats.

There are many types of ballistic helmets on the market today. As a consumer, it can be hard to know which type of helmet you should be wearing. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best performing ballistic helmet types and what that means to you.

How To Choose the Best Types of Ballistic Helmets?

When searching for a ballistic helmet consider taking into consideration the weight and cut. Many helmets today are designed to be lighter and more comfortable so they can be worn for long periods. Even though the headset is lighter, this does not take away its ballistic protection. You should also consider its compatibility with accessories such as NVG (night vision goggles), respirators, and communication headsets. Your helmet should fit well while wearing any additional components.

Top-Rated Bulletproof Tactical Helmets

After searching and doing research, we have found the top-rated best tactical helmets for combat environments. They are as follows.



The PASGT, a well-designed armored tactical helmet, pronounced Paz-gat, is the oldest or most traditional that is mostly used by military personnel from 1983 to the 2000s. PASGAT ballistic helmets come with a ballistic vest to better protection of the soldiers’ heads. It is acknowledged as the best featured tactical military ballistic helmet by the U.S Army or Navy during worship flags.

Key Features of Personnel Armors System for Ground Troops:

  • The outer shell of this tactical helmet is made with a multi-layer Kevlar.
  • Designed with a lower cut over the ears ensuring ease and comfort to the skin or face.
  • Available easily for different branches of the armed forces.
  • It is available in a range of colors, patterns, and designs.
  • Weight ranges from 1420g to 1910 g.


The next advanced ballistic bump helmet is specifically designed as protection or shelter for the head. It was introduced in 2001, right after the PASGAT, and is highly comfortable, lightweight, and guaranteed protection. Some of the MICH features are listed below.

  • MICH weight ranges from 1360g to 1630g.
  • It is made with advanced Kevlar material.
  • The colors are available like camouflage patterns, and black or SWAT team patterns.
  • The high combative armored material is featured to ensure the fixed mounting over the head that will not let the helmet shuffle or move at any cost.
  • Rails were added to the opposite sides of the mounting accessories.
  • MICH is currently using ballistic or tactical helmets used by U.S Air Force & Security Forces.


ACH stands for Advanced Army Combat Helmet. This ballistic helmet was adopted by the U.S Army which was highly impressed with its combative features and coined the name ACH. It is available at armed forces branches as ACH 2 OR ECH. The ACH helmet has two basic components of a retention system and a pad suspension system. This type of helmet provides ballistic and impact protection, stability, and comfort without compromising any field of vision and hearing from the soldier.


The combat ballistic helmet was introduced in 2009 and is forward to U.S operation due to its high cut, maritime cut, highly comfortable, lightweight, and best performance helmet. This type of helmet is used by many branches of the military in different variations. Ops-Core manufactures its FAST SF High Cut Ballistic Helmet. The FAST SF helmet is made for complete coverage from ballistic impacts and threats.

Key features:

  • It is designed with a high cut that exposes the ears.
  • The main function of the ballistic helmet is to curve down to support the occipital bone and backside of the head.
  • It is light in weight ranging from 2.2 lbs to 3.0 lbs.


This premium ballistic helmet stands out with an extra valued feature that enables blastic intact shell keeping troops safe from threats or riffles bullets. This lightweight helmet ensures soldiers with improved mobility. It ensures guaranteed comfort with its unique geometry to maximize a secure fit and blunt force protection featured with the d30 trust pad system.

Key features:

Best to carry on the head with its extremely ultra-lightweight feature.

  • UHMWPE Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene solution
  • Weight ranges from 1.20 lbs to 1.39 lbs.
  • High cut style
  • Sizes are available (L, M, XL, L)

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