7 Types Of Ladies You'll See When You Go Fishing

7 Types Of Ladies You'll See When You Go Fishing

Even the ladies know how to long arm it for the Gram.

One of my favorite past times is and always has been fishing. To me, it's fun as well as relaxing and I love to be outside. I also love to people watch, I'll admit it. As a woman, I also tend to notice what other ladies - sometimes even my friends with me - do when they're fishing. Here are the seven types of ladies I see with a rod in hand.

1. The girl who can't bait her own hook

Whether she's afraid of stabbing herself, doesn't wanna touch the bait, or God bless her heart just can't get anything to stay on the dang hook, this girl is gonna need some assistance.

2. The one who doesn't know how to cast

Listen here Linda if you cross your line with mine one more time we're going to have some serious issues. God give me strength, I didn't think it was that hard.

3. The girl whos bored or on her phone the whole time

Half of fishing is sitting and waiting, which happens to be one of the most relaxing parts to me, but not everyone feels that way. Someone wake up Becky, I think she's falling asleep.

4. The one who just wants to take pictures

She'll probably take about five or ten or twenty of each pose and you can sure bet that at least one of them will end up on Instagram. #Outdoors #CountryGirl #GirlsWhoFish

5. The girl who's just here to make her boyfriend happy

...Or to just get him to shut up and quit complaining that they "only ever do what she wants to do!" Smart girl, at least after this trip you'll get to pick your next activity, sweetie.

6. The one who doesn't wanna touch the fish

Congratulations! You caught a fish, now it's time to take it off the hook. Too bad that's not happening. Whether she thinks it's gross or if she's just straight up scared of the fish (yes those people exist) there's no way in hell she's getting it off that hook.

7. The girl who actually knows what she's doing and wants to be there

These ladies are the real MVP. They'll bait their own hook, set a beautiful cast, enjoy the time outdoors, pull her catch in like a champ and release anything she's throwing back with ease. If you find one of these girls, put a ring on her finger.

Now ladies, who are you when you go fishing?

Cover Image Credit: NY Daily News

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An Open Letter to my Younger Self

Because you had to learn the hard way, and others should't have to

Dear Younger Self,

I thought that you should know some important things for the sake of yourself, and other people that are growing up and deserve to know some things too. I know you are getting older and the young, child years are over, but here are some things I wish you would've known before you went into high school.

First of all, I wish you would've known that you are beautiful and no matter what people say or do to you, it won't change that. 

Next, I thought you should know that you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve. Yes, there is a ton of love in the world, but there is also a lot of hate as well. If you wear your heart on your sleeve you are not only subjecting yourself to a broken heart, but you are allowing people to come into your life when they don't necessarily deserve to be in it. In life there is going to be many people that come in your life for a reason. It could be for them to change it and be in it forever, or sadly, it could be for them to turn your world upside down and hurt you to no end. So younger self, I wish I would've told you this sooner, before it was too late.

Younger self, this world is a terrible place. There is going to be mean girls who gossip, bully, and ruin lives. There is going to be boys who call names and tease. There is also going to be boys who love you, lie to you, and use you for many different things. This world is nasty. So younger self, please watch who you trust. The world is a bitter place full of lies and hatred. I'm not saying that there is no good, there definitely is without a doubt. I'm just trying to say that if you trust people too easily, you can easily get hurt. So younger self, please watch who you trust. 

Younger self, I know you are older now, but please keep listening. Don't let people get to you. Even if its 12 a.m. and your boyfriend and best friend dumped you, don't let it ruin you. There is an equal amount of good days as there is for bad days. I promise you that at the end of the day, it will be alright. No matter how many people are making fun of you, calling you names on social media. No matter the dirty glares and gossip you see and hear in the hallways at school, you are worth it, and it is going to be okay. 

Younger self, are you still there? Please hang on for a few more words. I beg you. Don't let others change you. Just because everyone else has that shirt, doesn't mean you must buy it. Just because everyone is drinking that drink, it doesn't mean that you have to drink it. I promise you that you are better off being yourself. Wear the clothes and makeup you want. Drink the drinks you want. Eat the food you want. Don't let others influence your decisions. Life is too short to be someone you aren't I assure you.

Younger self, I wish you knew these things before your teen years took over. It may be too late now, you already found these things out the rough way. But I sure hope that this letter to my younger self will open up the ignorance of the young of this day and age. Every kid deserves to know these things, before it is too late. So please, take your time and pass this along to the youth of today. A younger brother or sister, cousin or niece. Whoever you know that this could impact and change. Please. It would mean the world to me.

Younger self, I wish someone had the courtesy to write you this letter before you became too old for it.

With much love, and sincerity 

Your much older self

P.S.-  I wish you would've enjoyed those child years before you couldn't anymore


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