About 3 years ago, I decided to seek help.

I had tried therapy about 3 years prior, but I didn't like it.

It wasn't my choice to go, I had an internalized stigma against people that went to therapy, and I had to get up super early in the morning just to talk to someone I didn't know about things I wouldn't even tell my best friend.

However, life threw just about every Pokeball I could imagine my way, and I didn't want to catch 'em all.

I became overwhelmed, irritable and hyperreactive to nearly everything. I hated being alive, and I couldn't even stand the idea of leaving the house.

That's not me. That's a version of me that desperately needed help.

Therefore, I chose to go to therapy because I knew I needed it. I was lucky enough to have a therapist whom I'd known since I was 8 years old.

After spending about a year in weekly sessions with her, I learned therapy is a lot more essential and necessary than most would think.

However, I think certain people would benefit especially from therapy.

Here are 11 types of people that should definitely be in therapy.

1. Everyone

If you have physical symptoms that won't go away, you go to the doctor. It's the same with mental symptoms.

2. Everyone

I used to do weekly sessions because I needed it, but after things started to improve, I still went back every once in a while as a checkup. Everyone needs physical checkups every now and then, and I believe mental checkups should be necessary, too.

3. Everyone

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Even though our friends are there to listen to us, they may not be able to fully process our experiences and provide us with solutions the way a trained professional could.

4. Everyone

Life can be pretty scary sometimes. Especially once you turn 18, life just kind of comes at you quicker than you're able to handle. Therapists help us take our chaotic thoughts and organize them into manageable mental components.

5. Everyone

Even if something doesn't seem like a big deal at the time, it may come back to wreak havoc on your mental health in the future. From my own experience, I'll tell you that brushing it under the rug doesn't make it go away. Therapists help you deal with issues you may not have even been aware of.

6. Everyone

Therapy isn't just for the grieving widow or the war veteran. It's for the 5 year old whose father walked out on the family. It's for the brand new college student struggling to take care of her family while pursuing her own career. It's for the friend who's usually the life of the party but suffers in silence when they're by themselves. It's for everyone.

7. Everyone

There are many types of therapy that fulfill various purposes. There's play therapy for children who communicate their emotions through drawing or play-doh figures. There's marriage and family therapy for families who know they need to work out their issues but don't know where to begin. There's group therapy for groups of people who have struggles no other group deals with. This type of therapy is especially beneficial for minority groups.

8. Everyone

Even if you don't struggle with mental illness, everyone will go through a time of struggle they might not know how to handle. Therapists don't fix people, but they help them gather the tools to fix themselves.

9. Everyone

Usually people don't go to therapy because of one single stressor (unless it was something extremely stressful or traumatic). Speaking from personal experience, there's usually multiple issues going on at once that can cause one to feel defeated and unsure of what to do next. Therapists are able to slowly unravel one's issues and help people fix these issues one by one.

10. Everyone

Sometimes all someone needs is to be heard. In today's busy, scatter-brained world, friends are too busy to listen to us, employers only care about your ability to work, families may be disconnected from each other, etc. Sometimes all someone needs is a neutral party to hear them out and help them find solutions to their problems without taking sides.

11. Everyone

Your mental health is just as important as everything else in your life. If you're struggling mentally, you won't be able to give your best self to your work, your school, your friends or yourself. It starts with the brain and goes from there. When dealing with times of struggle, remember to surround yourself with people who will help you through it.

Everyone should go to therapy at least once in a while. We all have struggles we can't face alone, and we could all use someone to talk to.

No matter what you're dealing with, I have your back. You will get through this.