2 Single Sonnets For Valentine's

Valentine's Day is personally one of my least favorite days of the year, especially due to the couples being even more lovey-dovey that make me cringe. Due to the blatant annoyances and pet peeves making my blood boil, I decided to compose two sonnets that accurately describe what Valentine's Day is like for me.

The worst torment I have faced in my life
Crush, tell me that you don't love me at all
And save me this ungodly torturous strife
Yet my heart sinks to hell as it falls

Neither Phlegethon nor Lethe, no, it's
The ninth circle, whose name is Cocytus
Depressed and bleak, the heart ripped to ten bits
Broken mind falls to oblivion, this

Rational thought clouded by a thick fog
Of bitterness, anger, unbridled rage
Interesting how much sanity stops
In the private hell that takes center stage

Crush, next time don't be a selfish jerkface
And Valentine won't purge my good, calm state

An attractive girl gets caught in your gaze
Sitting just twelve feet in front of you
Twirling her hair and your heart is ablaze
The hopes inside are too good to be true

You like her, there's nothing more you can do
Except maybe ask her out? But why though?
She'll just reject you and make you go blue
But you must surely face your greatest foe

Yourself, your agony, the burning flame
Fueled by passion, lust, hope, terror, sadness
To surpass yourself and be none the same
But yet your desires drive you to madness

You go confess, and the only reply
You really get is pretty much a "Fie!"

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