Two Perspectives on a Rally
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Two Perspectives on a Rally

A perspective on the different news coverages of the pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Side-note: While the plot to this story and its characters are fictional, the gun rally in Richmond, VA did occur.

"And I am reporting live from a pro-gun rally here in Richmond, Virginia. It seems peaceful at the moment, however, due to the recent arrests of White Nationalists a couple of days ago, we recommend that people in the area stay on high alert. This could easily turn into another Charlottesville" Victoria said.

She reported live as she stood outside of the rally, nervous to go inside; she was afraid.

"And I am reporting live from a peaceful pro-gun rally here in the beautiful Richmond, Virginia. Wow it is a nice day to be here, and to see this crowd of people exercising their constitutional rights, the right to protest, and the right to bear arms. I am going to be interviewing a couple of people a little later. Talk to you soon Dan!" Brandon stated happily.

He then stepped out of the crowd, and went into one of the local stores to buy a sandwich. He was really excited to be there, and couldn't wait to go back into the crowd.

Victoria, seeing a couple of teens walking by, stopped them and asked some questions.

"Hi, my name is Victoria and I'm from ____ news. Do you mind if I interview you guys for just a second?"

Both teens turned to each other and responded "sure".

"5… 4… 3… 2… 1"

"Good morning everyone I am outside of the pro-gun rally that is happening here in Richmond, Virginia today. And I have a Amy and Maddie here with me. First thank you for joining us. Secondly, I wanted to ask you both, what are your opinions about the pro-gun rally here today?" Victoria asked.

"I think that it is scary, especially for people to be openly carrying guns in public. I'm also glad that there is more of a police presence as well; that way, it won't be another Charlottesville" Amy said.

"I agree with Amy. And even though the police arrested 4 White Nationalists from attending the pro-gun rally today, it doesn't feel too safe here. Things seem to be going pretty steady at the moment, however, they could change easily" Maddie added.

Victoria chatted with the two teens for a couple of more minutes, then ended her coverage of the rally.

Brandon after finishing his sandwich while watching the rally, went back into the crowd.

"Hi sir, hi ma'am, do you mind if I interview you guys for ___ news? It'll only just be for a moment and it's about the rally" he asked.

"Sure, we would love to! Honey, we're going to be on TV!" the husband said to his wife.

"Oh my gosh we have to tell the family to watch the news tonight" the wife responded.


"Hi everyone, this is Brandon here and I am at the gun rights rally here in Richmond, Virginia. And I have a lovely husband and wife here with me today! So, how has the rally gone so far?"

"We've really liked it here! Everyone we've met has been so nice, it's peaceful, and we're excited to hear from some speakers today" the husband said.

"That's great to hear! So why are you here at the rally today?" Brandon asked.

"We're here because we believe that the Virginian government is impeding on our gun rights. And we are exercising both our freedom to bear arms, as you can see by our model___ guns here, and our freedom to protest. We don't like what our government is doing, so we are doing something about it" the wife explained.

"Also there have been some reports from other news outlets that this rally is White Nationalist and might turn violent. What do you think about that?" Brandon asked.

"Well that's definitely wrong, we haven't met anyone like that" the husband responded.

"Yeah, and it's very calm here, everyone is nice. We're just exercising our right to publically protest against our government" the wife further explained.

"Thank you guys. And that's it for our coverage of the parade. Back to you Bob"

After being at the rally for a couple of minutes more and taking notes, Brandon then stepped out of the crowd.

Both Brandon and Victoria and with their camera crews walked back to the news vans, which were right across the street from each other, then drove in opposite directions.

Wow, they really did not like each other.

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