Having A Twintastic Weekend

Having A Twintastic Weekend

3 days full of twins and so much more

Last weekend was a weekend I will never forget. Three whole days dedicated to twins in Twinsburg, Ohio. The Twins Day Festival is a 3-day event where twins and multiples unite and celebrate.

Day 1

Friday August 4th,2017

Starting at 2 p.m. we head to the high school and we wait in a line to register. It was shocking to see all the twins of all ages. About 95% of them were identical and wearing the same clothes. Made me and Nikki think we need to run to the store and get a new outfit. The weather was not our friend though. So we stayed inside. There was a magic show, balloon animals, raffles, and a hot dog roast.

Day 2

This is where it really started. A parade through the town, a talent show, so many contests, entertainment, and so much more. We met some very nice people.This year is to honor this historic occasion and to reflect on how the community has grown and changed, and all the places we have traveled and come from. So many people dressed up. They looked great. At the end of the night, they had an amazing firework display, and I have never seen one that good.

Day 3

Sadly all things must come to an end. We did the group photo and headed to the contest tent and waited for ours to start. When the time came for "Least A-Like Female 12-22" we got participation ribbons but didn't win. Someone must have missed something, I don't think we look alike. After all that we headed back to the car and took the 4-hour drive home.

When we left we were already planning our trip for next year. Thinking about what we will do and what we will wear. Can't wait to meet more twins. It's like you have found your place and people will understand you.

Cover Image Credit: Laura

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Being A Middle Child Prepared Me For Life

According to Urban Dictionary, "the oldest child gets all the awards, the younger gets all the love, and the middle gets nothing."


Middle children typically have low self-esteem, are introverts, have pangs of jealousy, feel unworthy, seek attention and have trust issues.

Hi, I'm Kiley and I'm a middle child.

While growing up, I can definitely say those characteristics, among others, applied to me. However, growing up as a middle child has made me stronger, independent, and ultimately prepared for my life as an adult.

With my independence, I've never had to rely on other people to be there for me or to do things for me, I've become very good at doing that all on my own. Of course, my parents are there for me and always have been. I would say my parents did a better job dealing with me as a middle child than other parents do. With that being said though, there were still times when I had to rely on my own independence. I always remember when we'd go on vacations growing up, it'd be my dad and sister and mom and brother. I would just be in the middle trying to join in on the conversations each pair had. That's changed a little bit now, which I'm grateful for. But I've noticed since I've been away at college, it's starting to show up again since my sister still lives at home and my brother visits more than I do.

I know I have to do more to get noticed, which is why when I was younger I would throw random temper tantrums. But now, I just push myself to achieve my goals and get awards to get noticed. That has always made me extremely hardworking, ambitious, and made me strive more for my own success.

I've never felt like I've had to conform to people's behaviors or beliefs. I'm always on my own, and I know who I am from the countless times I've had to be by myself while my parents and siblings had their own conversations. It's never been hard for me to make friends, if you don't like me, you don't like me, don't worry about it — I've got it all under control.

I've always been a risk-taker, sometimes I do things without thinking (yeah, sometimes that has a VERY negative effect) and I've consistently been open to new things. This has helped me step up so much in my academic career and just in my personal life in general.

Again, my parents do better than a lot of other ones. I would never say I was neglected, or even forgotten about, sometimes I just felt like they didn't know I was all there. But overall, I'm thankful for my parents for making me a middle child. I gained so many skills that have helped me in my life with college, jobs, internships, relationships, etc. So, thanks, mom and dad! I'm a middle child, and I'm pretty freaking great.

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