Suicide squad is a movie that is set to premier on August 10th, and Twenty One Pilots have just released their song "Heathens" on June 16th that is used in the movie! They are listed in the soundtracks along with other well-known artists such as Nirvana, Radiohead, Avril Lavigne, Pink Floyd, Kanye West,Lil Wayne, Eminem, and so many more! Being Featured in a movie with so many popular Recording artists is huge for a band like Twenty One Pilots who is at the very beginning of their fame. They begun hitting the radio stations with the song "Stressed Out" and then with ‘ride’ they're only in the beginning stages of something huge! They are a representation of breaking the categories and using creativity to do they’re own style and they're really onto lots of great things- such as being featured in a movie soundtrack!

The movie Suicide Squad is a film about the government getting together super villains to do “good” so to speak as referred to in the movie trailer and take on some sort of mission. This song is called “Heathens” and in the dictionary heathen is described as someone who is uncivilized, irreligious, uncultured. I think this song is a perfect fit to the movie because these villains are like misfits of superhero movies, they’re seen as uncivilized and uncultured. So before even hearing what the song sounds like you can tell it was a good choice for this movie.

The song itself when you listen to the sound of it it goes very well with the theme of villains. It has a slow maybe even a little creepy vibe with it, and that kind of goes with the villains if you think about it. All of the villains are all a little mentally disturbed, or so it seems in the trailer- which makes this song a perfect fit. The words tie in a lot to this too, as they talk about how you fall in love with people like this all the time and you don't even really know it yet. mainly capturing a concept being that you don't really know everyone's story and someone who seems crazy or unorthodox can be the love of your life. I think this is captured best in the line of the song reading, "Please don't make any sudden moves / You don't know the half of the abuse". I know in reality they're talking about his friends being crazy, but they're talking about how really you don't know the half of what they've been through until you've been through it with them. This song embodies the movie so well because its about the positive turn around for these super villains to do some good in the world with their mission with the government.