The Twelve Struggles of Finals Week

1. Getting a spot at King Library to study. 

The mad dash to the second floor of the library is Miami’s own Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. Lack of sleep.

No surprise there. Your bed feels neglected. But don’t worry; you can hibernate in it for a solid three days following your last final. 

3. Caffeine overload.

Coffee or Red Bull? Pick your poison. Your jittery hands make it almost impossible to write anything, but hey at least you’re awake!

4. Time to eat? 

There’s two eating extremes during finals-eat everything in sight or forget to eat for hours and hours on end. 

5. I forgot what it feels like to be social. 

The only social activity you’ll take part in consists of you and your friends venting nearly in tears about how terrible finals are.

6. I just want to watch Christmas movies and snuggle.

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of year? Interesting. I don’t recall any holiday films that featured college students slaving over textbooks for hours on end. 

7. When am I supposed to pack? 

Guess I’ll just throw any clothes in plain sight into a suitcase; good thing I’ve had plenty of time this week to do laundry!

8. My hand is going to fall off.

At some point my hand can’t possibly write another word. Hang in there lil’ buddy, we’re almost there! Oh wait, no we still have 18 pages worth of notes to take. 

9. I look like a homeless person.

The messy bun, spirit jersey, yoga pants look is definitely on the agenda…for every single day this week. Consider yourself lucky if you have time for one swipe of mascara. 

10. How is my brain still working? 

I literally just poured orange juice in my cereal bowl…how am I supposed to take a cumulative exam in 20 minutes? 

11. Here comes my 5th panic attack…of the day.

Every so often during this stressful week, one may experience a temporary quarter-life crisis and reconsider every element of life, maybe even consider dropping out of school. But, no worries, Miami students always stick it out and persevere! 

12. Oh now I have to go home? 

After a long week all you really want is to enjoy a night at Brick Street with your friends, followed by a 3 day uninterrupted slumber. But, unfortunately you have to peace out of Oxford. Get ready for six weeks of 90’s night withdrawal. Not to worry though, you’ll return rested and ready to take on High Street before you know it! 

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