The Perks of Studying Abroad
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Studying abroad can consist of many mixed feelings varying from excitement to nervousness. Who wants to leave your favorite study spot or your great group of friends from your college campus?

Here's one point: They will be there when you come back.

So breathe out your excuses and check out the following reasons why you should study abroad!

1. You can learn a new language.

Whether your classes are taught in English or not, you could pick up some native language from the area where you study. Studies have shown that immersion is the best way to learn a new language and being bilingual is also a marketable skill!

2. It looks great on a resume.

Studying abroad can reveal a lot about yourself in your resume as it shows that you have courage and an open mind to different ideas. Some programs also offer internships, which shows employers that you have the ability to succeed in a professional and diverse environment. Moreover, classes in another country bring new and unique perspectives that you can contribute to your workplace.

3. It will allow you to be independent.


Moving across the world could possibly be the ultimate test of your self-reliance. When you move back, you will likely take more responsibility of yourself and rely less on others as you grow in the process of adulting.

4. You'll experience new education systems!

Each country has its own form of education system, so your classes could be taught differently than what you are used to. Take advantage of the University's resources during your stay and support your experience of learning in different methods.

5. You'll make new friends!

Think of studying abroad as international networking in which possibilities are endless! Finding common interests with others who grew up on the other side of the world is exhilarating and those friends can continue to remain as life-long relationships.

6. The perfect time is now.

Don't trick yourself into thinking that it will be easier to travel once you're out of school. The same pressures from home and life will continue to follow once you graduate and you won't be able to get the advantage of discounted study abroad flights. If you have to study abroad or wish to do so, start planning now and get a head start.

7. See culture through a new lens!


Living in a new country can help mature your point of view of your home culture and of the culture you'll experience. This can aid in developing your own standpoints rather than simply accepting or taking for granted of where you are from. You'll be having the opportunity to gain a global mind-set as you steer your future.

8. It helps with graduate school admissions.

Like future employers, graduate school admissions also look very highly of study abroad experiences. Students who have the time to take their opportunity into reality can show they are committed to their education and have the acumen to be a good leader.

9. It gives you the strength to face new challenges!

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Although studying abroad is fun and exciting, there are obstacles you could face such as homesickness, budgeting foreign currency, and living in an unfamiliar place. However, you'll be proud of the accomplishments you've overcome and be returning home with the confidence of facing any new future challenges.

10. You can discover a new career path!

The experiences you take advantage of from studying abroad can influence your career life. You could possibly discover a new passion and learn to maintain the competitive work force.

11. There are great job opportunities awaiting you!

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Traveling for your Bachelor's degree can expand your horizons and will help you immensely in finding a job after you graduate. Your knowledge and involvement will allow you to become a worldlier person and you ability to adapt to different situations that make you grow as a person.

12. It'll be an unforgettable experience!

Your time of studying abroad will leave you with enough stories to share for a long time. So make sure you save your photographs and train tickets and keep your memories close to you, because you may not realize how incredible your adventure was until you come back home.

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