Twas The Night Before A (Potential) Snow Day

So, it’s a school night. Oh, those dreaded school nights...but this one is different. There is a glimmer of hope that you might not have school. Yes, what does that mean to students?

The night before a (potential) snow day is filled with procrastination. Homework? Do I really need to do it if school might be cancelled anyway? I mean, after all, tomorrow may be a school day. I can have all day tomorrow to do it you think to yourself knowing darn well that you won’t do it tomorrow because you’ll be too busy participating in snow shenanigans with your best friends and posting cute snow selfies on Instagram.

The night before a (potential) snow day involves refreshing the weather page to see how many inches of snow there will be. Is it enough for sledding? Or enough to get us off of school? Hopefully the answer to both of those questions is yes!

The night before a (potential) snow day is filled with hot chocolate, blankets, and good movies. Well, good and some may be pretty corny. There is really no greater feeling than snuggling up with that hot cocoa with marshmallows, fuzzy and cozy blankets, and a super long Harry Potter movie marathon.

The night before a (potential) snow day contains superstition...lots and lots of superstition. I’m talkin’ about pajamas inside out, putting a spoon under your pillow, and if you’re really that crazy, doing a snow dance (props to you if you do! It may work).

The night before a (potential) snow day has the call jitters. What is the call jitters? Well, waiting for that phone call that school is cancelled is the call jitters. If you can’t leave the room without your phone, then congratulations! You really must be banking on that snow day.

Once you get that call that school is at cancelled, make sure you kick back, relax, catch up on that homework, and enjoy a great movie marathon!

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