TV Show Cancelation Grief

Warning: Spoilers will be in this article.

There are only a few shows I watch on cable every week and when a show gets canceled, you feel like you lost a family member. Twenty-eight shows between the four major TV networks (ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC) were canceled and over half of them did surprisingly well in ratings and were fan favorites on TV. Fans never expect it and actually tune in every week so they can get the live ratings. So when your favorite show gets canceled after a cliffhanger finale, you go through the stages of TV grief.

1. What do you mean it's cancelled?


When you first you hear that a show is canceled, you are in denial for a good two days. You thought it was definitely going to come back for another season but you were blindsided by the TV powers that be.

2. We're gonna boycott.


The angry stage where fans proclaim that they're going to boycott the network in support of their show. It sounds pointless but shows have been impacted in the ratings cause fans have cut the channel off their cable plan.

3. The hashtag petition.


Fans jump to make the #Save(insert show) and make petitions for another network to pick up their show. It has happened several times but it's rare and only happens when die-hard fans go to bat for it.

4) The cast goodbye.


The cast goodbye letter thanking the fans and team behind the show officially means it's the end. This is when the depression starts up that your show is not coming back.

5. Accepting the end.


You've come to terms that your show isn't coming back and you've accepted it. It had a good run and you had good times and it will always be in your heart.

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