Poetry On Odyssey: The Turquoise Queen

It's easy to underestimate yourself. It's so easy to put yourself into a box with no room to grow or change. There's nothing harder than trying to recognize what you're really made of and I know that it's something I struggle with.

So, here's a sonnet about it.

* * *

A glass statue stands by the ocean coast

Softly reflecting the essence of blue

Which haunts it the same as a stubborn ghost

Refusing to retract its spectral hue

Arrows leave cracks on its glossy surface

Words that should shatter it into pieces

Yet somehow the fault lines only worsen

Instead of buckle against increases

It's here that the truth becomes plain to see

With each strike, it's clear that glass could not stand

A stronger material it must be

As opposed to heated and hardened sand

So exists this statue of bright blue-green

The royal and beautiful turquoise queen

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