I'd like to think that I'm an old soul. Which is another term for "self-hating millennial."

And if you read my bio on The Odyssey or some other of my articles that I've written, you know why.

However, I've started to think that I'm not an "old soul' at all. I've started to think that I am slowly turning into my mother.

I feel like everyone has this moment where they realize, and fear, that they are turning into one of their parents. However, that usually happens when they are married with kids, not when they're a junior in college.

Here are 23 ways I am turning into my mother, or some other older person.

1. I can't recognize any songs on the radio


Who sings that??

2. I don't like most songs on the radio


"It's just noise!"

3. I complain that today's music isn't "real music''



4. I listen to music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s


And I wasn't even around then.

5. I long for CDs


They were great, unless you got your fingerprints or nails on it and they were ruined forever.

6. I hate the Internet

It's just true.

7. I have no idea where all these memes come from


Likem], what makes a meme anyway?

8. I have no idea where all of these gifs come from


Who the hell is that laughing girl again?

9. I have no idea what any of these new slang terms are


Why is thick spelled with two c's?

10. I talk about millennials like my mother.


"I have no faith in the next generation!"

11. I have no idea how all this new technology works


Sad, but accurate.

12. I don't know why they keep making all this new technology

Do we really need a regular phone, a tablet, and a phone on our wrist?

13. I actually miss having a flip phone


C'mon! They were fun and they actually worked!

14. I have left two parties this year because the music was "too loud''


It was also because I didn't have anyone to hang out with, but the music was the main reason.

15. I don't want to go out at all


Sometimes it's because I have work, but even when I don't have work, I still don't want to go out.

16. My knees hurt


Granted I have tendinitis, but still!

17. My back hurts


18. I have migraines

They're pretty much hereditary in my family.

19. I hate today's TV shows


Have Hollywood TV writers just lost their creativity?

20. The only TV shows I like, besides reality TV, are all set in a different decade


Friends, the original Will and Grace, The Goldbergs, etc.

21. I complain about bad drivers

They're the worst.

22. I complain about politics

Granted everyone should, but still.

23. I encouraged people to vote on my Facebook


In all seriousness, I saw an article encouraging people to not vote in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. And it scared me. Whether or not you are a Democrat or a Republican, it is so important to vote in the primaries. This will have a great affect on the next two years. Your vote does matter.

Anyone else with me? Bueller?