The Turkish Pressure On Greece Is A Reminder Of A Darker Past

The Turkish Pressure On Greece Is A Reminder Of A Darker Past

These disputes are serious matters, and the international community is remaining silent.

Greece is credited as one of the greatest civilizations of all time. From the heroic stand of Thermopolaye to our innovations in philosophy and art, the achievements of Greece have carried throughout history. Despite those achievements, Greece has been dealing with invaders since the beginning of time. In 1453, the city of Constantinople fell to the power of the Ottoman Empire, after which nothing would be the same. The fall of the Byzantine Empire meant that Greece was once again vulnerable and at the mercy of foreign invaders.

For the next 400 years, the Ottoman Empire inflicted horrendous atrocities upon the Greeks in their occupation. Among these atrocities included mass raping, destruction of religious relics, and the seizing of sons to serve in the Sultan's army. After enduring these atrocities and having several failed attempts at freedom, our ancestors had enough.

Under the battle cry "freedom or death", our ancestors made a promise to God that they'd rather face St. Peter at the gates than bow to a Pasha again. For four years, they fought with the passion of our ancestors and won independence for Greece. Unfortunately, the fight was not over.

The Turks and Greeks have had tension for over a century, however, over the past 20 years there's been a relative amount of peace between the two countries. However, with the election of the new prime minister, things are once again turning hostile. Binali Yildirim, the new prime minister, reignited hostilities between the two countries, and where there was one peace, people are beginning to breathe uneasily.

The main conflict in the issue is over the Greek Islands. Turkey has been disputing for years that the islands belong to them, but now they are becoming more aggressive. Turkish fighter jets have been flying into Greek air spaces and just recently, Turkish fighter pilots harassed a Greek Army helicopter, forcing the Greek military to intervene and safely escort the chopper. Along with this, last month a chief advisor to the Turkish President made a direct threat to the Greek prime minister, promising to "break the arms and legs of any officers, of the prime minister or of any minister who dares to step onto Imia in the Aegean." Imia is one of the many islands in dispute between Greece and Turkey.

I am extremely proud of my heritage. I thought it was important to get the perspective of someone who has lived in Greece, so I decided to interview my Yiayia (grandmother). Both of her uncles were captives to the Turks during the Greco-Turkish War. One was murdered and the other was tortured horrendously.

Our ancestors fought the Turks in the war for independence and seeing Turkish flags in the streets of Athens when the Prime Minister was visiting made her extremely uncomfortable when she was a young girl. She went on to discuss that seeing the offenses of the Turkish government is devastating to her. She is very adamant, however, that the people of Turkey are not to blame for the actions of their government, and she went on to elaborate that we should not hate, we should only love and remember the teachings of Christ.

These disputes are serious matters, and the international community is remaining silent. As a 2nd generation American in my family, it is still hard for me to watch these events unfold. The aggression of the Turkish government is a painful reminder of the struggles our ancestors endured. Greece is a shell of its formal self, the government is weak and they're in an ocean of debt deeper than the Aegean. Yet we'll never forget our ancestors, and we will never forget their triumphs. The nine stripes on our flag represent the nine syllables in "Eleutheria H Thanatos" (Freedom or Death). My only hope is that the rest of the world will recognize what is happening.

Cover Image Credit: Arthur Yeti

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The Trump Presidency Is Over

Say hello to President Mike Pence.


Remember this date: August 21, 2018.

This was the day that two of President Donald Trump's most-important associates were convicted on eight counts each, and one directly implicated the president himself.

Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman for a few months in 2016, but the charges brought against him don't necessarily implicate Trump. However, they are incredibly important considering was is one of the most influential people in the Trump campaign and picked Mike Pence to be the vice presidential candidate.

Manafort was convicted on five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of failure to file a report of a foreign bank account. And it could have been even worse. The jury was only unanimous on eight counts while 10 counts were declared a mistrial.

Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, told a judge that Trump explicitly instructed him to break campaign-finance laws by paying two women not to publicly disclose the affairs they had with Trump. Those two women are believed to be Karen McDougal, a Playboy model, and Stormy Daniels, a pornstar. Trump had an affair with both while married to his current wife, Melania.

And then to no surprise, Fox News pundits spun this in the only way they know how. Sara Carter on Hannity said that the FBI and the Department of Justice are colluding as if it's some sort of deep-state conspiracy. Does someone want to tell her that the FBI is literally a part of the DOJ?

The Republican Party has for too long let Trump get away with criminal behavior, and it's long past time to, at the very least, remove Mr. Trump from office.

And then Trump should face the consequences for the crimes he has committed. Yes, Democrats have a role, too. But Republicans have control of both chambers of Congress, so they head every committee. They have the power to subpoena Trump's tax returns, which they have not. They have the power to subpoena key witnesses in their Russia investigations, which they have not.

For the better part of a year I have been asking myself what is the breaking point with Republicans and Trump. It does not seem like there is one, so for the time being we're stuck with a president who paid off two women he had an affair with in an attempt to influence a United States election.

Imagine for a second that any past president had done even a fraction of what Trump has.

Barack Obama got eviscerated for wearing a tan suit. If he had affairs with multiple women, then Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would be preparing to burn him at the stake. If they won't, then Trump's enthusiastic would be more than happy to do so.

For too long we've been saying that Trump is heading down a road similar to Nixon, but it's evident now that we're way past that point. Donald Trump now has incriminating evidence against him to prove he's a criminal, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is just getting started.

Will Trump soften the blow and resign in disgrace before impeachment like Nixon did? Knowing his fragile ego, there's honestly no telling what he'll do. But it's high time Trump leaves an office he never should have entered in the first place.

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Beto O'Rourke Is The Future For The Democratic Party

Democrats need a new voice, and now they have him.


As a self-professed progressive, the 2016 presidential election was one of the darkest days of my life. Every day I wish that the election had turned out differently. But if there's a silver lining, the Democratic Party has almost completely reinvented itself and has a chance to move forward.

Barack Obama was an amazing leader for the party for a decade. Hillary Clinton was arguably the most-flawed candidate the modern-day Democratic Party has ever nominated, and she lost to the most-flawed Republican ever nominated. So now the Democrats need someone to look up to and lead the way past the regressive presidency of Donald Trump. That man is Beto O'Rourke.

O'Rourke is a representative of Texas's 16th congressional district, which covers the city of El Paso. But right now people in the political world know him as the guy who is running against arguably the most-hated man in the Senate, Ted Cruz. Former House Speaker and fellow Republican John Boehner once said that Cruz is "Lucifer in the flesh."

Cruz prides himself in being hated by Washington politicians, but hatred from his current colleagues could come back to bite him. "If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you," said Lindsey Graham, Republican senator from South Carolina.

If O'Rourke wins in November, he'll take down Cruz, who is one of the most powerful and influential Republicans in Washington despite being hated. And it could launch Beto to even higher office someday.

Even if he loses to Cruz, Beto has an extremely bright future ahead of him because he's just what the Democratic Party needs right now. He's young, passionate, communicates extremely well and is a perfect representation of what the face of the party should be.

This year, O'Rourke has been setting an example of how Democrats should run their campaigns. Beto has traveled to every single one of Texas's 254 counties. Ever since the Supreme Court's decision on Citizens United v. FEC (2010), Democrats have pushed for campaign finance reform, and O'Rourke is leading by example with his campaign. Beto has taken $0 from Political Action Committees (PACs). All of his money comes from individual donors. Cruz has taken PAC money, but O'Rourke still holds a significant advantage in fundraising.

O'Rourke in his campaign emphasizes that Texas has among the highest immigration populations in the United States, but the senators from Texas, Cruz and John Cornyn, do not accurately represent the diversity of the state. O'Rourke has separated himself from Cruz by speaking out against the proposed border wall and the separation of immigrant children at the border.

I'm not from Texas, but I'm just as excited for this senate race as I was when Doug Jones won in my home state almost a year ago. Beto O'Rourke has an opportunity to make positive change in our country and actually bring people together. If he doesn't win in November, Beto should make plans for 2020 because he can become the face of the Democratic Party.

If you'd like to learn more about, join, or donate to the campaign, here is a link.

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