8 Things College Students Miss Most About Home

8 Things College Students Miss Most About Home

College can be hard, especially when you miss home


Home is a feeling, not a place. But home will always be where your family is and where you grew up. Going away to college is a big decision that comes with endless benefits. You get to make new friends, live in a new place, go to a new school, and make your own choices. Yes, school is harder and you have more responsibilities, but college will truly be some of the greatest years of your life. However, being away from home can be a major struggle. Usually, college is the first time that we are away from our families. There are so many things that you miss and can't have until you go home and realize just how much you (kind of really) enjoy it there. Being homesick is normal, and sometimes we just want to be at home one more time. Here's what college students really miss about home:

1. We Miss Our Family

Being away for college and away from your family can be really hard. You miss your parents and your siblings, even though you thought you wouldn't. Sometimes, your biggest wish is to be at home just so that you can see your family.

2. Your Bed At Home

Nothing will ever be more comfortable than your bed at home. Always so soft and comfy. You have your favorite pillow and clean sheets. At home you always sleep like a baby and it makes you really miss your bed at home.

3. Homecooked Meals

The thing I miss the most: homecooked meals. I love cooking, but nothing beats a nice, big homecooked meal. When you go home, eat as much as you can!!! You get to have your favorite meals one more time. No one can cook as good as your family can.

4. Your Dog

Seeing cute puppies all over campus makes me miss my dog more and more every day.

5. Your Favorite Restaurants 

When you go home, you have to visit your favorite restaurants and get your favorite foods. This is a big one!

6. Your Friends

College friends are awesome, but I miss my friends from home. These are the people I grew up with and my best friends. It's hard because none of my high school friends and I went to the same college, so I only get to see them when we are both home for the holidays. They are always just a FaceTime away, but seeing them at home is special.

7. The Familiarity Of Your Home Town

I just want to drive around and always know where I am, or know where all the stores are. I want to know the back roads and have all of my favorite things in one place, just like at home.

8. Your Own Space

As a college student, sharing a room or an apartment with other people can suck sometimes. At home, you don't have to share a room, bathroom, or kitchen with so many other people. You can dance in the mirror and make a mess, it's your space!

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To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority

Sorority girls seem to be getting more and more backlash, but why?

To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority,

I buy my friends? Wow. First time I’ve ever gotten that, good one.

Do you feel better now? Was it all you hoped for?

I doubt it.

I’m not the “typical” sorority girl but I’ve also come to the realization that there isn’t a “typical” sorority girl. We are all different and believe it or not we are all just like you. The letters I wear on my chest don’t make me stupid. They don’t make me a bitch. They don’t make me spoiled. They don’t make me an alcoholic. They don’t make me fake. They don’t make me a slut. And they sure as heck don’t make me any better than you.

What my letters made me is better than I was before.

Some sorority stereotypes are inevitable. Yes, I love my Big. Yes, my Littles are my life. I’m guilty of being a master with a glue gun, and I’ll admit that new letter shirts make me giddy as a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

But here’s what you don’t know — before I joined my sorority I couldn’t speak to a group of five people without turning red. Now I help run meetings in front of 45 women. Before, I would never have had the courage to go up to a group of girls and sit with them for lunch. Now I’m actually invited (crazy, I know). Before, I struggled with my grades. Now I have sisters in my major offering help. Before, my resume was empty. Now, it's full of leadership positions and community service hours. Before, I didn’t quite feel accepted. Now, I’m welcomed lovingly into an extremely diverse group. What’s so bad about all of that?

I get it. Sororities aren’t for everyone. I’ll even go as far to say that some of us sorority girls can be a little much. But what’s the point of dissing something that you don’t understand? Next time you’re about to make a cruel stereotypical joke, think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. Instead of making fun of sorority girls, sit down with one and find out why it’s so important to her.


A Proud Sorority Girl

Cover Image Credit: Megan Jones

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Hot Take — The Sun Is Actually Cold

You've heard of the flat Earth theory, now there's the theory that the sun is actually cold.


There have been some hot takes that have turned out to be true, and the next one might be that the sun is actually cold now. It'll be a race between proving that the Earth is flat and that the sun is actually cold. There is strong evidence that this is the case. The people following this theory are up and coming. This might be the next hot take that takes off and gets a lot of people thinking. Just think that you're reading this first before it really explodes.

I personally first heard this hot take on the podcast Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports, and it just really blew my mind. Now, ever since I heard it on there I've been preaching it all the time. I think I've done my part in getting people to believe. People just need to see the evidence that everyone has been presenting, whether it is by me or someone else.

The sun is actually cold and if you need to be convinced just think about one simple concept. How hot is space? Well I can tell you that it is not hot at all. It is actually very cold, so cold that it can be around -450 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the higher you go in elevation the colder it gets. If the sun was actually hot, it would be the other way around. The higher you would go in elevation, the hotter it would be there. The only logical thought process because of this data is that THE SUN IS ACTUALLY COLD.

I know most people will just play this off as being false, but once science proves this theory right you'll be sorry that you ever doubted it. There will be sometime when everyone believes this theory and you'll be looking like the fool. I just wrote this article to try and bring awareness to this big issue going on.

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