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I'm Giving Bullet Journaling A Try Because I'm Serious About Making This Semester A Good One

It's supposed to help people prioritize and be productive, which I need desperately in my life.

Nadia Ashraf

I'm a pretty forgetful person. In high school, I would put my thoughts or any assignments or deadlines on a sticky note if I didn't have my school agenda with me. It proved as a useful tool throughout my four years. But for some odd reason, I didn't do it when I started college. Mainly because all my homework was online so I didn't think I needed to write down what my online homework was because I'd remember to do it since I'm constantly on my laptop. And as far as the homework for last semester, I only really had to turn in things every week on the same day so it was simple to remember.

However, I was not very good at keeping my sleep, exercise, and eating schedules consistent because I'd randomly decide to do homework for hours straight. I decided this semester will be more organized. I will plan my day out and stick to it.

I drove over to Staples with my best friend, May, and shuffled through the variety of monthly, weekly, and daily planners. I was looking for a specific medium-sized kind where I can plan by 30-minute intervals so I can visually see how I spend my day. After two hours, I went back home empty-handed. I decided to look online for an agenda that fit my needs, and of course, I did not find one. The closest one I found to what I wanted my planner to be was by someone who made her own planner. GENIUS.

Bullet journaling was designed as an analog system to "track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future." After watching a plethora of bullet journaling tutorials, reading Instagram posts, and browsing through Pinterest pins, I decided, why not start the spring semester with a bullet journal?

I found it very difficult to choose a layout because I also wanted my planner to look as appealing as the ones I found online which are literally masterpieces of art. The calligraphy, doodles, and the handwriting look like they've all been printed! I'm not artistic, but I made my planner so that each page is a two-day split with a vertical timeline from 7 AM to 9 PM. I started coloring in my classes and events I plan on going to.

I found that putting in times when I would eat and exercise did not work because those things are always changing. Therefore, I'd have to plan for the day either the day before or the morning of, depending on the task. Many journals also had habit trackers and monthly calendars, as well as the year-at-a-glance spreads with important dates and even an index. I added a habit tracker to make sure I go to the gym, drink enough water, and take my vitamins along with a "goals for the week" section. I like how I can customize the journal to what I want, ensuring there are no wasted spaces.

Although I made a key for all the colors I used, I still write in what the colors are just in case. I'm kind of nervous but definitely excited to use this method. Whenever I started writing journals, I never kept up with it and just used the book for scrap paper.

It's supposed to help people prioritize and be productive, which I need desperately in my life. I hope this bullet journaling method works. I really do.

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