If you don't go on vacation for Spring Break, then you probably go home. You think that it'll be relaxing and chill, but then you find out just how wrong you were. You catch yourself doing homework, helping out with family stuff, and still not getting enough sleep. Basically, it's not quite what you had planned, even if it still is nice.

1. You still do homework

You might not have planned on doing much as far as homework, but you definitely still are. You just can't justify putting it off until you go back to school when you have all of this extra time with no classes.

2. You don't sleep nearly as much as you thought you would

You had all of these big plans to catch up on sleep, but then you did all of this homework during the day and just want to watch Netflix at night, but your family members inevitably wake you up in the mornings after you've binge-watched Friends for the tenth time until 3 am.

3. It isn't always relaxing

You think you're going to just chill and even with the homework, you still manage to have some time for it, but then you have other stuff going on like going to visit your grandma or helping make dinner — all good things, but still a good chunk of your chill time.

4. You really miss your friends

For maybe a day, you thought that some time apart from your people would be good for you, but then you start to really miss hanging out with them and having someone distracting you from your work.

5. The weather is actually not nice

It's usually cold and windy and sometimes it snows (because, hey, it's March).

6. You don't actually eat any better

You probably told yourself that you were going to eat better when you were home on break because you have more time and your mom is (hopefully) making your food fairly often because she's a wonderful human who loves you, but then you realize how much you missed all of your favorite local restaurants and then you're in a hurry because you've gone out with friends and before you know it, you've eaten worse than when you started.

Basically, Spring Break is just a huge tease for summer vacation, but hey, you'll take what you can get!