I consider myself a hopeless romantic. I love watching romantic comedies and when I see cute pictures of couples on Instagram, I get emotional. I know it is kind of sad, but what can I say! I love, love! With that, I think “holidays” like Valentine’s Day are odd. I am not sure what the origins of this day are or how it started, but it has become the day where couples go out to fancy dinners and gifts like chocolate and flowers are exchanged.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not think there is anything wrong with showing affection to your partner in the form of a gift or dinner.

However, isn’t that something that you should do year-round, not just this particular day?

Further, this day has become the end all be all when it comes to romance. If you don’t do something for your girl on Valentine’s Day, you aren’t doing love right and if you don’t get your boy an expensive gift, do you really love him? I think these notions are ridiculous.

Spending money on a gift, something materialistic doesn’t mean you love someone, anyone can do that.

People have this misconception that the amount of money you spend on someone represents how much you care about that person and that the more expensive a gift makes it a better gift overall. However, the reality of the situation is the most important thing you can do within your relationship is spending time with your partner.

I am not talking about hanging out like you do every other day, but actually getting to know them through deep, meaningful conversations and activities. Time is the one thing in this world that is limited and if you are blessed and fortunate to get to spend time with someone who you love, cherish that and take advantage of that privilege.

I guess I am coming from the perspective of eventually having to be long distance with my boyfriend and therefore I have started to view the exchange of love between two people differently than most people.

This Valentine’s Day, I intend on not spending loads of money on my man, but instead lots of time. I know it is often easier to just get someone a gift and call it a day, but I promise you there is no better way to show someone that you care about them than letting them know that the only person you want to spend your day with is them.