We’ve all been counting down the days, hours, and seconds until the semester was over and we could finally go home. The stress is gone, the finals have all been taken, and you’re jamming out to Christmas music on your drive away from school. How could you not be happy? But do we actually want to be back home with parents, rules, and states away from our best friends?

Don’t get me wrong I love being home away from all the school responsibilities for over a month and get to have home cooked meals and laundry rooms not overflowing with random people’s clothes. But there’s only so many “where are you?” and “what time will you be home?” phone calls you can take before wanting to explode.

After doing whatever you want for four months, it’s a hard-hitting reality when your parents want to control your life and give you a curfew as if you went to bed every weekend by 10 p.m. and never went out. Going to the bar every Thursday night is put on hold and daging out in the snow is no longer socially acceptable.

Now if you want to see your friends, even ones from your hometown, you have to drive in the cold instead of walking downstairs in your pajamas and laying in your best friends’ beds. Now your sorority sisters are states away and trying to keep up with everyone’s life is not as easy as it used to be. It’s often a struggle to find someone to grab food with and you don’t have your friends’ schedules memorized anymore. But the worst thing of all is having to spend money on food. You can’t just hand over your school ID and say dining dollars and get any type of food under the sun.

Going off of money, now that your home, you have to work. After spending hundreds of dollars during the semester, you work an unhealthy amount of hours trying to save money before heading back for the next semester. If you're lucky enough you have a job waiting for you, if you’re not, I’m sorry it’s the rough life. But say goodbye to your social life because coordinating work schedules to hang out with friends is almost impossible.

You have chores to do, parents to answer to, and a lot less freedom than you are used to living with. But it’s the holidays and even if we don’t show it we are happy to be home and spend it with the people we’ve missed most. It’s just a little hard to get used to, so please cut as a break and we’re sorry about the attitude you think we’re giving you.


All College Students